Thursday, December 30, 2010

great way to end 2010 ~ invest in Gold & Silver now!

i used to buy gold every year after i received my bonus. simply because i wanna make sure that i can see what i spent for from my hard-earned money. after a while, i stopped buying gold coz i dont like to wear them... and this year i divert my interest to invest in gold & silver. i was informed by my hubby about this about a year ago but at that time my priority was different. i spent more on my diving activities and putting aside my cash for my joelis and also paper/other investments. recently i went to listen to a presentation on how you can invest your cash into gold or/and silver and i got interested. i did a lot of reading and i begin to like all the information. i did a few comparison between other companies and auruma international ltd. the reason why i chose auruma is because the price they offer to purchase is lower than other companies and they guaranteed to buy back, and at higher price compare to other companies are offering. and plus, if i share the information to my friends, i can get commission which other companies do not offer. good things are better to be shared among friends, right? so here goes... come and listen and you make the decision. if you have some cash to spare, better invest on something that does not expire and have the potential to grow.

you can also download this informative video and get back to me after watching it.

please click on the picture for bigger version.
today, 30th Dec 2010 at 830pm there will be another session on how you can save more and earn more at Pavillion. Call me if you wish to join. No fees, just sit back and listen.

friends share great things with other friends :)