Friday, December 17, 2010

aggressive me

just one of those days when you just wanna keep quiet and dont feel like wanna be in any conversation.  and of course those who are nearest to you will felt it and get the hit. joelis got it from me like 2 days ago.. when i just could not stand their nonsense arguments anymore. so there i was stood in the middle of the carpark and told them off, "can you both please be silent for only 10 minutes??? just keep quiet!!" and there it was silence.. from both of them and kaiser too! as we were walking towards cold storage, looking for green apple... everyone was really quiet... but was it 10 minutes? YOU wish!!... not even 5 minutes and bla bla bla... and quietly i smiled alone.

an apple cost freakin rm2.99... like duhhhh.... but since we were already parked, i am not going back empty handed. yeuppp... 5 freakin' apples for rm15!! when normally we can get like 10 apples for RM7.99 at giant. and kaiser just kept quiet while me babbling all the way...

last night kaiser told me, "i dont want to talk to you, you are so aggressive these few days." hehheheh :D and as usual... i just ignored his comment.. :P so... we went to this meeting... which i find it really really interesting... anyway.. thats not what i wanna talk about. although it is interesting but not now. the more interesting part was when after we've got home after picking up lisa from my parents' place. joey decided to stay there for the night to be with his cousins. well anyway... by the time we had supper, [i had rubbish = french fries... so unhealthy but i just felt like eating rubbish. so there goes...] :P we got home almost 12midnight.

we reached home.. and since our sofa now is a bit longer than the old one, kaiser and i seemed so far away... haahaha LOL :D
kaiser: aaahhh... so now, we have bigger sofa, you happy hahh? sit so far from me?
me: what? *gave him the look - like...dont bother me look*
kaiser: i said, why so far.. come here.
me: i am comfortable here. you come here la..
kaiser: come... la... i hug you.. i cannot lie down there and watch tv, my neck hurts.
me: hhmmphh... okay... but i feel like farting..  LOL :D hahahah
kaiser: ha??? 
me: i just fart with you behind me... hahahah :D LOL
kaiser: ja...ja... ja... come... 

and there i was... in his arm, on our sofa watching private practice :) :) life is so wonderful...