Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 is ending already?

wow... time really flies so fast! last christmas we went to thistle resort, port dickson. it was a really short holiday lah. what to do, that is the only time kaiser has. for us, we can go anytime... the pd trip was because kaiser didnt get to follow us to bali and joelis felt like the holiday was incomplete with their father. hence, i planned the christmas trip lah.
we got to pd early coz we didnt want to waste time. :) make it full 2 days there! we had lunch first, then we went around the pd park. somehow one new thingy attracted us.. the bicycle thingy.. first joey tried, then lisa... then kaiser.. and me :) haahah :D it was fun.. only rm5 for 15 minutes, ok lah :)
but i think the mini atv was most fun! i was laughing like hell outside the ring :D lisa especially, looked like a 5 year old trapped in a 13 year old body! LOL :D and she banged the wall most. joey handled the mini atv better than her :P

and owhh we had the opp to visit the funfair.. i was scared to go in there.. it looked a bit run down. but joelis wanted to see so much.. so, ok lah.. we dropped by. did not go on any of the rides. the ghost house looked really spooky even from the outside. :P so, i gave joey rm10 for him to spend.. cukup lah.. he got a can of soft drink and a pen :)

then we stayed at the hotel - thistle resort, port dickson. used to be called guoman resort. posted a lot of pics on my fb profile. few people were amazed with the hotel/resort. it was not bad at all. a lot of mat salleh surprisingly :) hehehe :D and kaiser found someone from germany :D well anyway nothing much ... we were at the pool for a longgggg time. and now i am brown in color.. joey as usual was the darkest :D hahaha LOL

err... i will do the review of the hotel later lah.. now no mood lah.. tired already - just got back from the gym :))