Thursday, December 30, 2010

great way to end 2010 ~ invest in Gold & Silver now!

i used to buy gold every year after i received my bonus. simply because i wanna make sure that i can see what i spent for from my hard-earned money. after a while, i stopped buying gold coz i dont like to wear them... and this year i divert my interest to invest in gold & silver. i was informed by my hubby about this about a year ago but at that time my priority was different. i spent more on my diving activities and putting aside my cash for my joelis and also paper/other investments. recently i went to listen to a presentation on how you can invest your cash into gold or/and silver and i got interested. i did a lot of reading and i begin to like all the information. i did a few comparison between other companies and auruma international ltd. the reason why i chose auruma is because the price they offer to purchase is lower than other companies and they guaranteed to buy back, and at higher price compare to other companies are offering. and plus, if i share the information to my friends, i can get commission which other companies do not offer. good things are better to be shared among friends, right? so here goes... come and listen and you make the decision. if you have some cash to spare, better invest on something that does not expire and have the potential to grow.

you can also download this informative video and get back to me after watching it.

please click on the picture for bigger version.
today, 30th Dec 2010 at 830pm there will be another session on how you can save more and earn more at Pavillion. Call me if you wish to join. No fees, just sit back and listen.

friends share great things with other friends :) 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

time to reflect

what have i achieved this year? wow... suddenly i just felt like writing this down. i am near to never had a new year resolution - except for my work department objective for our company. let me just look back what i wanted to do and i have achieved. :)

  • survived another year without spending on credit cards. yes, you read me right.. 99% of my expenses for leisure and fun are by cash only. i am so proud of myself. spend only on necessary things and according to my affordability.
  • got myself a dslr and i decided on canon 500D and until to-date i have improved quite a lot in handling my toy. 
  • after 10 months moved to a new house, managed to have a new curtain for my hall & my master bedroom ~ extra achievement tuuhhh...  (yayy... just got it very recent).
  • back to my gym routine... 3 times a week without fail cheywahh.. if i missed one day, i'd normally replace with another day. 
  • reduced my thigh size ... wahh!! happy siot... although i have not reached the optimal size like my idol ;)
  • went for holiday with kids twice this year - although my target with them was only once a year for out of malaysia trip.
  • we got the house a new color and spending less by doing it ourselves.. er.. actually kaiser painted the walls :P
  • my juice paid off by itself with the commission that i received! yay... this is so cool. although i wanna achieve higher commission next year. JOIN ME? :)
  • made a new investment for myself for future planning that will lead to financial free :) wanna know more? call my handphone and meet me tomorrow at pavillion, 8.00pm. 
hmmm what else aahh? i will update more here when i remember, ok :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hall make over

I know i Should have taken pic of before and after but i forgot lah. Hehe too excited when the curtain guy came. So... tadaa! Finally i have a proper curtain for my hall. Before this i used the old one and they were short. Hehe :D hmmph.. Loving it and i am smiling to my ears now. And our master bedroom too! Hee hee


This is the face of a girl who is just so bored at the workshop. The guy is trying to pursuade me to change to sports rim. Like duhh.. Already spent 2.6k and now i am supposed to spend another 1k because they spoilt my original rim? Mmg kena maki la dgn aku!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 is ending already?

wow... time really flies so fast! last christmas we went to thistle resort, port dickson. it was a really short holiday lah. what to do, that is the only time kaiser has. for us, we can go anytime... the pd trip was because kaiser didnt get to follow us to bali and joelis felt like the holiday was incomplete with their father. hence, i planned the christmas trip lah.
we got to pd early coz we didnt want to waste time. :) make it full 2 days there! we had lunch first, then we went around the pd park. somehow one new thingy attracted us.. the bicycle thingy.. first joey tried, then lisa... then kaiser.. and me :) haahah :D it was fun.. only rm5 for 15 minutes, ok lah :)
but i think the mini atv was most fun! i was laughing like hell outside the ring :D lisa especially, looked like a 5 year old trapped in a 13 year old body! LOL :D and she banged the wall most. joey handled the mini atv better than her :P

and owhh we had the opp to visit the funfair.. i was scared to go in there.. it looked a bit run down. but joelis wanted to see so much.. so, ok lah.. we dropped by. did not go on any of the rides. the ghost house looked really spooky even from the outside. :P so, i gave joey rm10 for him to spend.. cukup lah.. he got a can of soft drink and a pen :)

then we stayed at the hotel - thistle resort, port dickson. used to be called guoman resort. posted a lot of pics on my fb profile. few people were amazed with the hotel/resort. it was not bad at all. a lot of mat salleh surprisingly :) hehehe :D and kaiser found someone from germany :D well anyway nothing much ... we were at the pool for a longgggg time. and now i am brown in color.. joey as usual was the darkest :D hahaha LOL

err... i will do the review of the hotel later lah.. now no mood lah.. tired already - just got back from the gym :))

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

massage at tanamera

just couldnt wait to write :) today was the first time that i go for a massage at tanamera, sooka sentral. i am feeling so stressed that i really need a massage. my usual masseuse was on leave yesterday - so i was kinda wanna try another another place today although i can just go back to my usual masseuse. well anyway, tanamera was recommended to me by a few friends.
the massage: was the massage really good? nahh.. not really. i felt like the masseuse was  just 'ramas2' and she doesnt have the right technic to massage. well i chose malay traditional massage where you start with sitting down for intro massage before you are asked to lie down. hmmm if that is the way of malay traditional massage - i'd go for indonesia massage anytime!!  i think joey massage better. the massage was not even 1 hour.
the hair treatment set

the place: it was nicely decorated. good music but they should sweep the massage room in detail. there was a cob web at the corner of the room. luckily the lighting was suram.. :) otherwise you might be able to see the dust? ;)

treatment: the staff were friendly and explained the product well. and because of that i bought a set of hair treatment products... hahahah LOL :D and paid RM98.00+ for that :P a set of shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

price: surprisingly it was quite reasonable. 1 hour massage RM120, but of course i can get cheaper elsewhere, but giving the treatment and good customer service, the price is ok. mani pedi RM50 for half hour.. hmm not bad. got to try some day.

will i go again? errmm... only if i dont have other place to go for massage coz i dont feel satisfied with the way of massage. other people might feel differently.

would i recommend to others? my answer is, yes... go and try.

Monday, December 20, 2010

when things go wrong

i was at the office with only rm2 in the wallet :P hehehe :D malas gila nak withdraw duit. duit keluar macam air rasanya offlate ni... hmmm tak berkat kut duit aku.. :( sorry.... dah tau salah sendiri... sendiri mau ingat lah.. tapi nak buat macamana? hmmm anyway... citer pagi ni gini... punya la confident nak kuar kan duit kat atm kat opis.. aleh2... dah jalan sampai atm, dua2 machine out of service... cheh... hmmm aku nak sarapan apa dengan rm2?? sah2 tak cukup.. hahaha :D hmmm nasib baik datuk N ada... ahaks... so breakfast was on him :P alangkah indah nya dunia... eppp... bukan tak de duit eh... malas nak jalan jauh jersss... kalau tak breakfast kat lg1 pun, ada quaker oats at my place.. so, no hal. cuma dah janji nak breakfast sesama.. :))

come lunch time, dengan confidentnya aku pun jalan la ke bank islam nak withdraw coz nak makan kat lg1 jer.. nasi kukus dah dalam kepala dah... walaupun sepatutnya aku tak leh la makan gitu kan... kata nak body chun.. :P muahahaha LOL :D dah 2 mesin aku tekan2... tak keluar2 pun duit aku... ishhh geram betul.. so, nak tak nak kena la menapak ke stesen sentral... itu pun aku kena charge extra coz kuarkan duit kat cimb... kat maybank panjang sgt queue nya.. malas nak tunggu. menu lunch divert to nasi ayam... tapi hampa lagi coz, tak de tempat duduk.. hmmm apa lagi... menapak la balik ke block office... kepala dah ingat nasi kukus balik.. alhamdulillah rezeki aku ada... maka melantak la nasi kukus... kalau laki aku tengok sure geleng kepala :P hahaha :D

eh chopp.. tetiba aku terjumpa pulak gambar ni... cute siot... :) heh heh :D pada korang yang tak tau.. aku suka katak ;P

so itu la citernya... malam ni aku nak pi gym.. coz semalam habis dinner lewat, tak sempat :) and today is my leg day ganti semalam... argghh... session yang paling berat untuk sumer orang.. tapi coz nak kaki lawo kan.. buat je lerr!! lagi mau bising :P

hmmm best pulak tengok si santa ni menari2... kat sebelah kanan page aku ni :P

its so fast

i had a great time at SJ's early christmas dinner last night. wished joelis were there although for some reasons, it wouldnt be such that good idea. errmm... not really a good influence for kids - but the food was fabulous. i was thinking of joelis the whole time i had the delicious turkey specially made by Joe. :)

anyway was just thinking that i wanna go on a strict diet... yes yes... some of you would roll your eyes and say, 'is this woman crazy or what??' but you wouldnt understand... would you? its just about trying and doing how much your body can take it. am i hungry now? yes but not so much coz i have been taking care of (limiting) my food intake anyway... but i wanna do better. and my idol is alicia marie. not gonna do myself as muscular as she is, but i like her body..nicely toned, if you know what i mean.. she's a doll to me :)) :))

and my 2011 resolution is, in 3 months time, i'd be like her??!! walauweehhhh... hahahah :D thats a challenge huh... ;) will i suffer? i dont think so. i enjoy going to the gym now.. i guess 3 times a week is sufficient but i need to do something else for the rest of the days.. me lazy butt.. :P ahaksss... but hey... she looks fantabulous!!

lets start with what i had for breakfast this morning at 10am.
  • 2 half boiled eggs
  • hot lemon tea
  • half toast bread [but with butter and jam... :( ~ the bad side]
unlike alicia marie's diet but... its actually not bad :P 

Friday, December 17, 2010

aggressive me

just one of those days when you just wanna keep quiet and dont feel like wanna be in any conversation.  and of course those who are nearest to you will felt it and get the hit. joelis got it from me like 2 days ago.. when i just could not stand their nonsense arguments anymore. so there i was stood in the middle of the carpark and told them off, "can you both please be silent for only 10 minutes??? just keep quiet!!" and there it was silence.. from both of them and kaiser too! as we were walking towards cold storage, looking for green apple... everyone was really quiet... but was it 10 minutes? YOU wish!!... not even 5 minutes and bla bla bla... and quietly i smiled alone.

an apple cost freakin rm2.99... like duhhhh.... but since we were already parked, i am not going back empty handed. yeuppp... 5 freakin' apples for rm15!! when normally we can get like 10 apples for RM7.99 at giant. and kaiser just kept quiet while me babbling all the way...

last night kaiser told me, "i dont want to talk to you, you are so aggressive these few days." hehheheh :D and as usual... i just ignored his comment.. :P so... we went to this meeting... which i find it really really interesting... anyway.. thats not what i wanna talk about. although it is interesting but not now. the more interesting part was when after we've got home after picking up lisa from my parents' place. joey decided to stay there for the night to be with his cousins. well anyway... by the time we had supper, [i had rubbish = french fries... so unhealthy but i just felt like eating rubbish. so there goes...] :P we got home almost 12midnight.

we reached home.. and since our sofa now is a bit longer than the old one, kaiser and i seemed so far away... haahaha LOL :D
kaiser: aaahhh... so now, we have bigger sofa, you happy hahh? sit so far from me?
me: what? *gave him the look - like...dont bother me look*
kaiser: i said, why so far.. come here.
me: i am comfortable here. you come here la..
kaiser: come... la... i hug you.. i cannot lie down there and watch tv, my neck hurts.
me: hhmmphh... okay... but i feel like farting..  LOL :D hahahah
kaiser: ha??? 
me: i just fart with you behind me... hahahah :D LOL
kaiser: ja...ja... ja... come... 

and there i was... in his arm, on our sofa watching private practice :) :) life is so wonderful...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

most boring day

my eyes are getting so tired. been looking at few designs for our designer to print. sure pening designer tu pun.. everything must be billed by 24th dec 2010... tak mati kelam kabut?? dangggg...

rasa macam nak makan cekodok pun ada gak... and malam ni nak pi meeting temankan laki aku yang manja tuh.. bukan apa, dah kena tinggal 4 hari, dia begitu bersemangat dengan project baru... hmmm tak pe, nanti aku study dulu apa benda nya tuh.. so malam ni we are going to pavillion for a meeting.

so tadi aku pun sms la mama kesayangan aku ... hmmm rasanya time2 gini sure dia tengah tengok tv... tak pun tv tengok dia... hahaha :D tak balas pun sms aku :( sedey la nihhh... soalan aku pada mama, "agak2 ada tak cekodok bawang kat umah?" hehheheh :D baikkkk punya soklan kannnn...

and lagi satu bila lisa call tadi to tell that her result dah sampai... hmmm i supposed for some parents dah puas hati kut... but for me... agak kecewa lah... :( she did well cuma i believe actually she can do better.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

kalam's troop holiday to Bali

some last minute holiday plan... the most important, we had fun... felt the holiday was too short. we were in bali from 10th dec 2010 to 13th dec 2010. stayed at double N villa at canggu area. the place is like 40 minutes from the airport. quite far from everything but the villa was beautiful. we had 3 maids, 1 gardener, on call driver and house manager.. hahaha :D as for me, i have not had a lived in maid for almost 2 years now, so felt a bit awkward. i like the idea of them cleaning the bedroom though... LOL :D :P i guess that is how living in luxury all about.

the first day it rained. :(  we had to change the plan to watch kecak dance coz we wasted lot of time discussing of whether to go to villa first, or to have lunch or straight to kecak.. so in the end everyone went back to villa and lepak... kids, as usual will attack the pool... and myself just lepak... and had my first massage that night :))
2nd day was full with shopping and watching dance performance. started as early as 8am... well we did try to be 8am sharp... but biasa lah bila dah ramai delay sket :P we watched barong & keris dance in the morning, shopped at Ubud.. looked all over for my wood wall decor thingy but could not find them :( later tanah lot temple & kecak in the evening. i bought a picture for our house. we had dinner at the villa... and lots of relaxing..

3rd day... sunday .. by 630am kids were already in the pool.. i was by the pool by 8am. sunbathing ~ trying to get tanned :) it was great... my massage by the pool started 10.30am to 11.30am... went around the house with my bikini...hahaha :D by noon.. i jumped in the pool again coz joey already merajuk when i did not swim with him :P ... by 130pm.. got out of the pool and got ready for hair braiding :) while waiting for lobster to be ready for lunch yummmyyyyy.... by 245pm.. done eating.. by 3pm we went out to Kuta. went around... nothing much.. :) went to Kuta beach to take pictures.. then drove to Harley store.. bought some tshirts. then dropped by krishna for more souvenir shopping :P

4th day... woke up at 430am... our flight back to KL was at 830am.... ehhh??? is that all??? hmmmm... yeahhh... sound too short kan? and guess what.... we'll be back. :)

my review on the villa ... ;)

the villa was huge and spacious... clean.. just nice for 15 of us.. the maids were friendly. the cook was superb.   some improvement would be, the sofa cover should be changed maybe more often or after guests are gone back. there could be dust. my nieces had rashes on their skin. but my son was okay... either it was dusty or my nieces have more sensitive skin lah :P although the cook was superb, she was a bit slow in time management. we had lunch late on sunday that caused my mom to tremble coz it was already 1pm and lunch was not ready! in the morning breakfast was supposed to be on the table by 7am... but by 730am breakfast was not ready.

location wise, if you are in Bali for a long time (more than 4 days), its worth it. travelling from the villa to the happening area takes some time. so we kinda waste lots of time on the road.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

long due photos :)

sorry all, i have been pretty busy with other things. nevertheless, here are the photos during kaiser's birthday celebration on 22nd Nov 2010. since kaiser made it pretty clear that he doesn't want any party, i need to concur with birthday boy's request :P just the 4 of us... we waited till he comes home from work.. and surprise!! err... not so surprised... :P hhahaha :D

because we are on diet, joelis finished most of the cakes :)

love my hair... hehehe :D but i looked tired. :P
look ma! icing on my elbow.... wanna lick it?