Tuesday, November 16, 2010

our sofa has arrived!

kaiser has been busy in the afternoon yesterday arranging to bring our new sofa home from BTS. i was there during lunch time to check things out. by the time i got home after maghrib, they have been arranged nicely in the living room. nice brown sofa, matches well with our new green wall. and the best thing, we got a beautiful coffee table that comes with the sofa.. thanks.. err.. i dont remember kaiser's friend's name.

and there i was last night looking at my curtain... it is time that i call my ex neighbour who does interior design to do up our curtain :) hmmm... now what color should we make? :D

owhhh... we should change the carpet too! wahhh... pengsan!! the carpet has been with us since 2003... ok what to change. ;D yeyy....