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dare to dream?

by - November 08, 2010

ONLY if you like to
  • earn extra income.
  • be in a fun team, with a strong and stable company.
  • promote being healthy to the public.
  • even helping starving children to have a better life, and you can also earn your commision by helping them.
  • earn your extra money from 33 countries in the market, and you, being where you are.
  • listen to the option to upgrade your life, your future.
  • be a business owner.
  • know the possibility to work from anywhere, preferably at your own time.
  • work only with the people you like in your organization.
  • challenge yourself to see the potential in you to own your own business.
and like you too, WE CHOOSE with whom we wanna work with!
there will be a FREE PREVIEW prepared for you on saturday, 13th Nov, 2010, from 1.45pm - 3.00pm. it is going to be a short presentation, so please be on time. it is not nice to keep other people waiting. thanks :)
venue: Quattro West, Ground Floor, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (next to PJ Hilton)
contact: Ain (012-290 5653) or Andy (013-287 6122) to book your seats.

disclaimer: this is serious business.
  • if you think you are going to put in money, and you sleep in your couch, wait for it to grow by itself with no effort, you are NOT the suitable person in this business. so don't waste our time coaching.
  • if you think that we are a bunch of people who talks bullshit... why waste your time reading all the above anyway?? *smirk*
even if there is a lil bit of curiosity, you are welcome this saturday ;) we will not laugh at you ;)

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