Tuesday, November 2, 2010

not a bb person

..yet.. :P

hahaha LOL.. to be honest, i was almost being 'racun-ned' by a few friends at the office to get myself a bb.. but luckily i still feel sayang to spend more than 1k for a phone. do i really need a bb? no.. just that i am bored with my current phone. somehow, few days after thinking of a bb, my sony started to peel off.. which really irritates me. everytime i want to use the phone, it hurts my cheek.. not really hurt la, but tak best la.. tajam2 kat pipi :P so, what did i do? tadaaa... i got a new housing... although kena kencing dgn orang kat low yat.. nevermind lah... as long as my phone got a new casing. :) hmmm see lah... the downside of it, after effect... the phone key pad doesn't feel as soft as before :(

how long will i last with this phone before i decided to get a new phone? *evil smile*... i don't know... >:) total damage: rm70 for the casing, rm10 delivery and rm20 to install. hmmmm.. worth it? i dunno...

my sony g900