Tuesday, November 16, 2010

guilty :(

at the office, but my mind is elsewhere. got a message from my mom this morning at 640am. she was already on her way to pasar. and as i drove to the office this morning, my watch shows 740am.. the route to the pasar was quite congested... terbayang2 mama dengan ayah... shuckkss... i feel bad... should have taken leave today lah and send her to pasar and help out to carry the stuff. sorry.. ma... :( ein terlupa... :( :(
and now... i feel like going home...

haaa.. yang ni pulak.. si putuk yg sibukk makan... hehehe :D
"ha???? mak ein tak cuti tolong nenek?? ighhh tak baik... ish ish ish..." katanya :P