Monday, November 29, 2010

Air Asia Service Sucks!

This is a photo of a rude customer service personnel at air asia counter at stesen sentral. I will write details later.

She was attending 2 other customers before me. and when it was my turn, she looked at me and said,

"take your number!"
me: yes, my number is 1607 for counter 3 now.
"let me see!"
me: gave her the number
"hmm", "yes?"
me: I'd like to make payments, and before that, can I change the seats because I tried to do it online but I cannot change, and can you please check for me the flight ticket for later time maybe late evening?
"i can change the seats but if you want to change the flight time, you need to pay first and change after that"
*although it doesnt make sense to me... since i have not paid, why cant she just change it first, right?*
me: but if i have paid and ask you to change later, will i be charged to change the time?
"OF COURSE!" with her loud high toned voice which to me I believe is unappropriate to any customers for that matter.
me: so, no need to change the time then. just change the seats and i'll pay.
*note.. there is no 'please'.. nothing coming out from her*
I handed my debit card to her.
"we dont accept debit. only cash or credit here!"
me: hmmmm...
paid, waited and left...

note: my opinion, if you dont like to be a customer service personnel, get another job. obviously you just cannot be nice at all to others.