Thursday, November 18, 2010

aidil adha 2010

i am not gonna explain what aidil adha is, or what it means to me. coz if you wanna know what aidil adha means, you can always google it up. :) but what i am gonna write here is how i celebrated aidil adha yesterday :) the night before we were discussing on which mosque to go to. i have always wanted to go to BA mosque near our house. but most of the time, my parents will go to TK mosque nearer to their house. so, my dad said, by 8am latest they will leave the house to the mosque.

i left our house by 745am... reached my parents' house just at 8am. my dad was about to leave.. posted joey to join my dad and renn. i went upstairs. my mom was getting ready... i asked my mom if she wants to go to the mosque, she said, anything can.. hmm.. and she asked if i wanna go to BA mosque.. cut story short... my mom, lisa and i managed to go to BA mosque.. :) there were so many people.. fullhouse ... and there we were seated at the last line.. listening to the khutbah. next year, we will come here again, insyaAllah.

breakfast was nasi impit, rendang paru & limpa, ayam masak kicap and sayur goreng jawa. it was really yummy... other than that... we were just lepakking...