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remember when i said i wanted to go somewhere for holiday with the family? errmm... okay, place has been set.. somehow there are some hiccups that spoils the mood. arrghh... i dont know.. hmmmm.. i am just not into it anymore. but what to do, bought tickets already. and now thinking of a place to stay. i dont know what to think anymore. talking to lisa yesterday and her comment sounded so easy. lets just stay elsewhere.. i dont like all this being pushed around.. hmmm even she knows what is going on.. but.. *sigh* i wish it is that easy... even if i am doing what is 'instructed', i am doing it not willingly.

keep on telling myself... we will have fun... we will have fun... but deep inside.. I AM SO DAMN UPSET!!

Air Asia Service Sucks!

This is a photo of a rude customer service personnel at air asia counter at stesen sentral. I will write details later.
She was attending 2 other customers before me. and when it was my turn, she looked at me and said,
"take your number!" me: yes, my number is 1607 for counter 3 now. "let me see!" me: gave her the number "hmm", "yes?" me: I'd like to make payments, and before that, can I change the seats because I tried to do it online but I cannot change, and can you please check for me the flight ticket for later time maybe late evening? "i can change the seats but if you want to change the flight time, you need to pay first and change after that" *although it doesnt make sense to me... since i have not paid, why cant she just change it first, right?* me: but if i have paid and ask you to change later, will i be charged to change the time? "OF COURSE!" with her loud high toned voice which to me I believe is unappropriate to any …

blocked mind

i think i really need a holiday! joelis have been so noisy and whiny at home asking when we are going for a holiday. and me? i have no idea.. first i thought we were going on a yacht with kaiser's friend. somehow, the plan aborted, so, we ended with i dont know where :) hmmmm... as kaiser's 'off day' is too expensive, i gotta plan properly. otherwise it is gonna be just me and joelis.. or.. and my mom and dad.

been browsing... singapore and bali... singapore is gonna be the USS... but just that rasa sayang pulak nak spend so much in singapore. better go elsewhere, like bali :) but it is no fun without kaiser :((

so, what now??? help!!! :(( sorry joelis... i just have no idea now.. :((

feeling blurry

ein is feeling blurry right now.. just cleared some work.. more to clean up. and arranging what to do next :) hmmm... so when i am bored, this is what i do... check below ;) jangan maraaaa aahh...

happy birthday sayang

my hubby turned 40 today :) we were up till midnight last night. lisa was the first to wish him happy birthday... hehehe :D i lost track of time coz i was watching tv beside him on our new sofa :P anyhow, hope it will be a better year than before for him and wiser too. i pray that all his wishes come true and may Allah show him the path to success in life. amin...

bangunan mustapha kamal

as we were driving back from the curve, collecting kaiser's birthday present, joey saw the building on the highway.

eh... ma... building tok ayoh dgn daddy..
hehee :D ohh yeah.. haah
bila pulak nak ada bangunan joey?
hmmm... bila joey dah besar, dan berjaya..
:) hmm.. okay..
bangunan ilham jauhari.. :) *smile*
hehehe :D haah...

aidil adha 2010

i am not gonna explain what aidil adha is, or what it means to me. coz if you wanna know what aidil adha means, you can always google it up. :) but what i am gonna write here is how i celebrated aidil adha yesterday :) the night before we were discussing on which mosque to go to. i have always wanted to go to BA mosque near our house. but most of the time, my parents will go to TK mosque nearer to their house. so, my dad said, by 8am latest they will leave the house to the mosque.

i left our house by 745am... reached my parents' house just at 8am. my dad was about to leave.. posted joey to join my dad and renn. i went upstairs. my mom was getting ready... i asked my mom if she wants to go to the mosque, she said, anything can.. hmm.. and she asked if i wanna go to BA mosque.. cut story short... my mom, lisa and i managed to go to BA mosque.. :) there were so many people.. fullhouse ... and there we were seated at the last line.. listening to the khutbah. next year, we will come he…

guilty :(

at the office, but my mind is elsewhere. got a message from my mom this morning at 640am. she was already on her way to pasar. and as i drove to the office this morning, my watch shows 740am.. the route to the pasar was quite congested... terbayang2 mama dengan ayah... shuckkss... i feel bad... should have taken leave today lah and send her to pasar and help out to carry the stuff. sorry.. ma... :( ein terlupa... :( :( and now... i feel like going home...

haaa.. yang ni pulak.. si putuk yg sibukk makan... hehehe :D
"ha???? mak ein tak cuti tolong nenek?? ighhh tak baik... ish ish ish..." katanya :P

our sofa has arrived!

kaiser has been busy in the afternoon yesterday arranging to bring our new sofa home from BTS. i was there during lunch time to check things out. by the time i got home after maghrib, they have been arranged nicely in the living room. nice brown sofa, matches well with our new green wall. and the best thing, we got a beautiful coffee table that comes with the sofa.. thanks.. err.. i dont remember kaiser's friend's name.

and there i was last night looking at my curtain... it is time that i call my ex neighbour who does interior design to do up our curtain :) hmmm... now what color should we make? :D

owhhh... we should change the carpet too! wahhh... pengsan!! the carpet has been with us since 2003... ok what to change. ;D yeyy....

understanding stress

Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Effects.

i have been getting chest pain for the past 2 days. somehow i knew that i am experiencing stress due to work, among other things. it was getting worse when whenever i breathe i feel like my chest is heavy and poking. i could not go on leave cause i know it will not get any better even if i stay home. so, yesterday i decided to look in the internet about the chest pain, what caused it and how to manage it. and you know what?? despite having the pain, i told myself that i want to go to the gym, you will know why when you read more below. and after 15 minutes on treadmill, the pain was totally gone!!! it was amazing... and i feel great after that :)
there are so much things to share... you can read more here. 

arti setiakawan

dulu pernah ada orang komen blog aku, sumer tulis bahasa omputih. jadi hari ni, or tetiba topik kali ni aku tulis lah dalam bahasa melayu.

orang pernah berkata (cheywahh... geli pulak aku baca... :P), the higher you are, the more lonely you'll be? err... sebenarnya, aku bukan nak cakap pasal ni, kut... tapi apa yang aku nak cakap is..
kadang2 orang yang paling rapat dengan kita lah musuh sebenar. orang yang jauh, tak de kena mengena, yang kena tuduh. kadang2 kita bercakap sebab kita nak bagitahu perkara sebenar. macam laki aku selalu kata, the truth hurts.. itu belum kena style laki aku cakap lagi... bisa dia menusuk kalbu.. :D tapi sebab dia ikhlas, terima je lah.kadang2 aku bertanya sebab aku tak suka tau cerita dari mulut orang lain, tapi aku boleh disalah erti kan.. tapi tak pe lah. Tuhan tahu niat aku.kadang2 aku buat2 sibuk... sebab memang aku penyibuk... hehehehe... chop...chopp... yang ni lawak.. jer.. :P hahhah LOL :D kadang2 kita bercakap dgn kawan yang boleh bagitau apa…

really pissed me off

it really pissed me off la... sometimes man-made rules are just so sickening. aarrgghhh... and just now when i tried to get connected, it says, this! like duhhh... we need a break too! hello!!!

dare to dream?

ONLY if you like to earn extra in a fun team, with a strong and stable company.promote being healthy to the public.even helping starving children to have a better life, and you can also earn your commision by helping them.earn your extra money from 33 countries in the market, and you, being where you are.listen to the option to upgrade your life, your a business owner.know the possibility to work from anywhere, preferably at your own only with the people you like in your organization.challenge yourself to see the potential in you to own your own business. and like you too, WE CHOOSE with whom we wanna work with!
there will be a FREE PREVIEW prepared for you on saturday, 13th Nov, 2010, from 1.45pm - 3.00pm. it is going to be a short presentation, so please be on time. it is not nice to keep other people waiting. thanks :) venue: Quattro West, Ground Floor, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (next to PJ Hilton) contact: Ain (012-290 5653) or Andy (013-287 6122) to book …

don't get conned

firstly i would like to thank all readers who left their comments in my blog. and i am glad that my postings and experience got conned online has benefit lots of people out there. somehow, eventhough i have lost about RM500 in transaction not including my beloved wedding dress that is priceless, i am pleased that i have helped to caution the public. and again i wish to remind everyone, please be careful will these people out there mostly the blacks. i am sorry don't meant to be racist but that is the reality that we need to be cautious.

don't get conned! be careful and investigate before transfering any money online.

my saturday

last night had an invitation from my mom to join them for breakfast. but i said i am planning to stay in bed a lil bit longer since joelis are not with me.. hehehe :D but... did i wake up late? err.. of course not! was awake by 6am i think... then try to golek2 in bed.. ehh.. why am i telling you all this?? cut it short... by 8am i was already downstairs, showered!

and have these in my head... what am i gonna do today? ohh i need to go and get my flowers in the nursery.. and to the bank.. and to buy paint...

went to the kitchen, cleaned up a lil bit the mess that my darling husband did...gggrrr... i did 2 rounds of laundry yesterday... ironing can be done by my maid later :) wonderful...!

boiled water.. had quaker oat... forcing it into my throat... :'(... [i want my roti canai!!!]no!!... i want a nice thigh... and that stopped me.. :P and now... blogging at my dining table, with a cup of tea.... with creamer.. :) hmmmm... do i miss being prepared for breakfast by the maid? errr.…

My hero

there he is on the blue sofa pretending to be working while his eyes on 'so you think you can dance'.. There is something about him.. Apa ya? Hmm..

aahhh tension...!!

my eyes feel like popping out! goshh.. i have been going thru my emails one by one to investigate 1 case.. shuckkss... fenin kepala aku... but in the end, somehow i could not find it. but i found 1 meeting minutes (sort of) just not properly written. luckily boss accepts. *phew*

and another thing is, my friend was telling me stories... err... spooky story that happened at her house last weekend.. and yeahh... it was spooky alright.. and now.. everyday i will ask kaiser what time he is coming back especially when he has evening classes... hehehe :D


lots of us were shocked in the office when gtalk was blocked. there goes another form of free communication. dang!!! i was speechless. gtalk has been making my life easier when i need to communicate with some staff at the office or my designer/supplier. for whatever reasons, they decided to block it. and ooh... FB too... LOL... :D okay.. on that, i kinda use 10% of FB for work expecially during our company's event to promote and create awareness, but now since it's being blocked... there goes another free way of communication, as i have mentioned. ;)
so people, if you still wanna communicate with me, please skype me okay...
other than that, just when i am hype again on my xango project, my office work seems to be jealous of my time :) so, i became extra tired.. by the time i get home, i have to finish up some of the contents for our new flyers for our team. well... no pain no gain...i am enjoying every moment of it. just that i wanna be more than 1K level.. i have been in this…

she calms me :)

not a bb person

..yet.. :P

hahaha LOL.. to be honest, i was almost being 'racun-ned' by a few friends at the office to get myself a bb.. but luckily i still feel sayang to spend more than 1k for a phone. do i really need a bb? no.. just that i am bored with my current phone. somehow, few days after thinking of a bb, my sony started to peel off.. which really irritates me. everytime i want to use the phone, it hurts my cheek.. not really hurt la, but tak best la.. tajam2 kat pipi :P so, what did i do? tadaaa... i got a new housing... although kena kencing dgn orang kat low yat.. nevermind lah... as long as my phone got a new casing. :) hmmm see lah... the downside of it, after effect... the phone key pad doesn't feel as soft as before :(

how long will i last with this phone before i decided to get a new phone? *evil smile*... i don't know... >:) total damage: rm70 for the casing, rm10 delivery and rm20 to install. hmmmm.. worth it? i dunno...


lisa & scooter

joelis had orchestra clinic during the weekend. and myself? finishing up some work on our team's xango flyers. somehow on sunday, after lunch, lisa asked kaiser if he can teach her to ride the scooter.. so there goes.. and after this, i can imagine her asking kaiser if she can ride the scooter to sarah's house.. hmmm... by the time the lesson ends... kaiser was sweating!! LOL :D

cont from below

and talking about no money no talk... that person actually did not respond to my sms when i said, the commission depends on the effort. kalau setakat nak refer someone, apa cerita? i can get lots of that by just sending emails... duuhh... so i guess, not worth keeping as 'friend'? in any kind of business, building the relationship counts...