Tuesday, October 19, 2010

under the weather

cheywahhh.... perumpamaan omputih... if i am not mistaken, it means that if someone is not feeling that well. :) correct me if i am wrong okay. anyway... yeah... maybe it was the long night out... started with Xango Dinner, then the next day, night out at the club with some business partners.. during the day busy running in and out.. with the new office launch, maid, wedding... different kinda food left me with 'cherry berry' the next day for more half a day wasted! somehow until today i still feel the weakness. last night i almost had it again... :(

so, somehow or rather it does affect my work performance... i become more productive... ahahhaha LOL :D on the other side of the work...uhuhhhuuuu... :P

and i know this has nothing to do with the posting, but i bought 4 packets of wantan mee. :D ngeee...