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things happen for a reason

by - October 14, 2010

i was really happy yesterday :)

but somehow, just recently i am feeling so errgghh... tired.. my mind is tired.. or how am i supposed to say it? mentally tired?? although i was happy last night, when i got home, i saw dirty dishes in the sink - that makes me so upset. i am going off track now.. telling about last night.. anyway... brought home nasi goreng for kaiser from N3's house. miss zharee terribly... :( :( goshh... off track again... kaiser request to add eggs in the nasi goreng while he went upstairs to shower. i fried the egss.. mix with the nasi goreng but i did not wash the dishes after cooking... on purpose! so last night, i heard him washing... but knowing men.. they will still leave some for you to do... he left lisa's tupperwares... danggg... which i am sure in will need to do it later!

and today... working with hmmmm feel like giving name... but i will change all the time.. wish to call the person sang kelembai today... so slow.. or better word is lembab tahap maksima.. emo berlebih lak tuh.. argghhh...

ya Allah berilah hambaMu ini kesabaran dalam menghadapi manusia2 sebegini... ameen...

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