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sakit perut & sleepy

by - October 05, 2010

yes, i am supposed to be doing my work. can i take a short break..? pleaseeee... been to the ladies 3 times.. i think there is something wrong with what i ate. or maybe because i did not take proper dinner last night. hmmmmm.. can i talk rubbish now? i have too many plans.. another activity for the office coming up but this time, it'll be organised by HR, so we are quite cool about it. except.. gotta discuss what to be in the teambuilding. hmmmmm... was very disciplined since last week when i came back to work.. past 2 days were better. today, i am done with all the claims.. and cleaning up after event.. need to have a meeting lah.

pictures of germany collected... more than 500 pieces... spent less than rm300 for the pics.. better than the bloody expensive photobook where they charge me rm355 for 40 pages of album.. apa hal??!! nahhh not gonna spend that much... lots of things i can use the money for lah.

last weekend was quite crappy. was stuck with migraine for almost 2 days.. sunday was worst. decided to go for massage.. then took 3 painkillers.. skipped 1 open house.. sorry NZ :( but... towards the evening, decided to go to home deco at klconvention centre... kaiser and myself... best giler okay!! if i have that kind of money.. wahhh meriah!! anyhow, we were thinking how can someone spend like >5k for a bloody bed??? duhhh... since we are into decorating our home now.. we cut the tour short.. we looked for living and bedroom :) and collected few flyers and brochures.. berangan giler when we were there.. but when we drove home.. re-calculate.. (ada mcm bunyik gps tak? LOL) we think, it was not worth to spend that much... because our home is rented. hmmm so how? :) well, there must be a solution.. we make the most minimum that we can spend on beautifying the house ;) heee... :D :D ngee... i am so happy.... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! :P

we love the wall decor.. the paint.. the art... the sofa.. the lighting.. the garden.. me love the orchids!! omg... me go crazy... help... saw the cool pool... the wicker chair so bloody expensive for a made in china products :P hehe :D

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