Sunday, October 10, 2010

my courtyard and me [part I]

the project has been delayed for the past 2 months. kaiser has been babbling and teasing me about not getting my courtyard @ garden or whatever that you wanna call that little area near my porch :) the thing is, i cannot plant anything coz it'll die! so... i needed help. asked help from my dad but since now we live 'far away' from everyone, it is quite difficult to get help :P trust me, anything out of keramat area, is far for my family members :) hahaha :D so accept it! kaiser pulled out the grass and weed twice in a month, and my project is still not happening.

originally, i see orchids in my courtyard... then one after another things came, i cannot continue on the project. but last weekend, i just needed to get it done. errr... it was not really the courtyard project at first... [see how i get diverted easily???] my focusing point is all over the world!! LOL :D anyway, i asked my sister, N3 if she wants to go to houz depot.. so we planned.. it happened yesterday. since the time is so limited, we could not browse too much, except, i got 2 bags of pebbles. so... immediately after i reached home, i poured them on the courtyard area... looked like i needed more! calculated... i need 5 bags more!

what happened to my orchids plan? abort! LOL :D today, i went there again with kaiser, and all we saw was - a balinese style garden :) :) heee :D so, we decided to put pebbles and i will get 2 big pots of plants (which i have not decided yet) to put smack in the middle.. err.. wanna see the progress?? :)
after: that 2 pots are temporary placed there. waiting for the actual pot (phase II)
close up of my welcome froggie :) and balinese thingy.. hehehe :D 
okay, it's like 80% done... kaiser and i did this till around 930pm.. have not decided on what plant to put there.. and also the pot. might use my existing one, but it is square... hmmm let's see.. :) so, peeps... stay tuned ;) nite2