Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i see snupi people everywhere

law of attraction says if you think of something or someone so much it'll come to you... well, i wasn't thinking about any of those but today i had it at work. i rarely complaint about thinks that happens around in the office but i guess patience has its limit? i know i should be talking about positive things that is going around but that does not mean i cannot express my frustration, can i? okay... ein taking a deep breath and start with the positive things first.
  1. i had a good meeting with my team today. they have lots of things to talk about that 1 hour is not enough. i just love it when all of them open up. before this they were like err.. how do i say this, they wanna say something but they got restricted for some reason. so.. today they were all out.. just that i have not got the chance to hear out any suggestions. and because we have so much to share, we are gonna continue the meeting tomorrow. looking forward for a fruitful meeting :) yey!
  2. as i was teaching or shall i say, coaching my team members to be nice to all including internal customers who are our office mates... i just almost well.. 80% to blew up at one of my team mates. i was angry... YES!! absolutely... hey NO pointing fingers arsh!!
  • why cant people just do their work properly and check the details?? 
  • why cant they share the right information with the rest of the team members and make life much easier? and 
  • why cant they stop being bitchy towards others and do their work as they are supposed to without sucking and licking the boss's ass??? 
OMG i just had it today!!! enough is enough suckerss!!! arrgghhh... this is when i feel like i only want smart people working around me!!!