Sunday, October 31, 2010

friendship doesnt count

is it just me being stupid, or over sensitive, or just me being dumb or inconsiderate or.. i dont know what...  i easily get pissed off lately.. people are being so calculative nowadays. and money minded? or the easier way of saying it, mata duitan. people might get offended reading this, i know, but i just needed to get it out of my chest. *sigh*... have people stopped helping friends nowadays? or perhaps, it is me who is seen as taking a free ride? well, if it is too much, i guess, i am sorry... will not ask for a favor next time.. it just blew me lah... if i had all the money in this world, i guess i wouldn't be working will i? and i wouldn't be looking/asking favor from friends.. but i guess, friends or no friends, no money no talk?? WTH... or it is just me who is not being calculative.. or silap aku lah mintak tolong kut... i just hate this phrase... 'ada commision tak?' and whether or not it is a joke, i dont know.. but yeahh... i am pissed..