Wednesday, October 6, 2010

check it out - introducing Connor's Eyes

guess what.... not that i dont have enough things on my plate.. and i must do this also... hahahah LOL :D :D i am just exploring what i like to do... i love to see beautiful photos taken by professional photographers. talking about photographers i know, not the public ones.. :P some work that i like are from caranthir, tini, the guy who took my nikah photos (shoot what is his name lah??) and camus... ( yeah ... yeah... my ex-husband). i have seen the talent from my joelis too. so, after investing into a dslr.. i decided to have an additional blog to see my improvements [and at times, i will upload photos taken by joelis as well] with connor ;) lisa mastered connor faster and she likes to explore connor, and each time she learned something new, i'd asked her to teach me, coz, i am sooooo... lazy to read the manual :)

so... after awhile, i think i am getting better in handling connor :) this blog will be closed to private viewers soon, so do remember to add yourself as followers if you want to see more photos in them.

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