Sunday, October 31, 2010

friendship doesnt count

is it just me being stupid, or over sensitive, or just me being dumb or inconsiderate or.. i dont know what...  i easily get pissed off lately.. people are being so calculative nowadays. and money minded? or the easier way of saying it, mata duitan. people might get offended reading this, i know, but i just needed to get it out of my chest. *sigh*... have people stopped helping friends nowadays? or perhaps, it is me who is seen as taking a free ride? well, if it is too much, i guess, i am sorry... will not ask for a favor next time.. it just blew me lah... if i had all the money in this world, i guess i wouldn't be working will i? and i wouldn't be looking/asking favor from friends.. but i guess, friends or no friends, no money no talk?? WTH... or it is just me who is not being calculative.. or silap aku lah mintak tolong kut... i just hate this phrase... 'ada commision tak?' and whether or not it is a joke, i dont know.. but yeahh... i am pissed..

Monday, October 25, 2010

tiring but enjoyed it :)

started early sunday... we went to the nursery too late on saturday, so when we saw it is open on sunday.. i decided to start early.. made breakfast for joelis... 3 quarter of the bread .. french toast.. i had just a piece with my hot tea. then off we went to the nursery.. hunting for the right plant for my courtyard. :) still remember it? ahahh... but then we had no suitable pot.. so i told kaiser that i still have my old square pot... we drove to my parents house, clean them up and took them back to the nursery... the kakak helped me to put the plants in there.. yey... and finally... we have plants in the courtyard.. but guess what?? not enough.. it seems that we need more.. :P
my citra yang berjasa... what would i do without her? :P
after that, rushed for music class.. gym... and lunch... and owhh... carrefour... :) ended my weekend quite well :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

mama & nasi ambeng

isk isk isk.... mak aku ni betul lah... minggu ni je dah 3 kali aku pergi gym. achievement tu babe!! i really push myself coz i wanna change some parts that i sort of dislike.. or it is another test that i wanna do on my body lah... :P and guess what, i only had 1 teh tarik until yesterday... penat giler control!! and after today, masuk 2nd week and today the 1st gym for the 2nd week, i was so happy that i can run on treadmill! korang sure terkejut when i said that. mcm ridiculous je that i cannot run. tapi itu lah hakikat nya... i cannot really run like that.. some issues lah.. so usually when i play netball, i rarely run... sikit2 boleh lah... and now i have stopped for a while [i hope] from netball due to injury. korang ingat aku tak sedih? sedih la siot... but what to do.. i need to recover first.

well anyway... aleh2.. petang tadi bonda tersayang pi hantar sms pulak... "pecal and nasi ambeng on the way dari kampung... mama will be home insyaallah pukul 6ptg" i was.... "alaaaaaa.... spoil lah diet ku!!" and guess what?? memang pening kepala nak pikir, apa alasan nak bagi kat laki aku ni... hmmm so mula2 buat senyap je coz i wasn't sure if i can/wanna go for nasi ambeng... but the 'pecal' is to tempting... arrgghhh... i always lost to 'pecal' man!! somehow, petang tadi after we came back from carrefour shopping, kaiser said he has a class at 8pm... ahahh!! so dengan sepantas kilat nya aku pun cakap, "ha?? okay, so i can have dinner at my mom's?" ... and "yaa.. you can.." waaalllllaaaa..... selamat lah diet aku kan??!! dan untuk menyedapkan diri, "tak pe today is sunday, my free day..." so aku bantai nasi ambeng, pecal + lemon pie made by my big bro-in-law... and owhhh... a glass of teh tarik... tapi lidah aku dah tak rasa sedap la.. :(

maa.... kenapa??? kenapa??? :P tak pe lah.. esok start balik diet nya :) presenting.. nasi ambeng plus kfc... ni sumer gara2 anak2 saudara aku la.. and yang paling banyak makan, is my son.. joey :P and yang kaler kuning tu, tapai ubi.. aku tak makan la..
did you see the kfc?? hehee... dah tak ori la nasi ambeng ni... 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

the house hunting

not sure if this was the house that we saw :P
we have been getting into house hunting activity lately. we started some time ago.. then we stopped as we find it very frustrating.. LOL... :D :P ... somehow we started again last week. and today's house hunting was even more frustrating.

started with we went to sering ukay after gym yesterday.. and we saw a beautiful corner lot, which i had no idea on the price in that area. looking at the notice on the house gate got me excited! so.. there we were..both smelly after all the sweat from gym.. calling a real estate agent... just to know the price.. :( is wayyyyyy beyond our reach... but i tell you.. the view was breathtaking.. it was really beautiful!! nice garden where if we can afford it, we could have done lots on it! the place where i see my kids would go on bicycle at night and still feel safe.

exaggeration.. but almost the same feeling :P
well anyway, later on we found another number that has a house in ampang jaya... so, today, early in the morning, i called up the lady to view... and the result.. was... argghhh... made me wanna puke.. i was already sick since it was my 2nd day of the month... my emotions graph is going up and down.. wanted to puke, pain in the abs.. and looking at the way the agent driving her car, drives me up the wall!!! goshh... and the houses that she brought us, looked DAMN UGLY!! and she said it was beautiful????? the house was renovated, yes... but no toilet bowls... no sink.. nothing??!! and the other one she showed us, was supposed to be opposite a playground.. and was it a playground?? na'ahhh... it was an abandoned field, long grass.. etc.. it just pissed me off man!!... and i decided, no more looking at houses in ampang jaya, unless they are new development. i know my budget is limited but at least show me a decent house and not .. 'i dont know what to say' house!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i see snupi people everywhere

law of attraction says if you think of something or someone so much it'll come to you... well, i wasn't thinking about any of those but today i had it at work. i rarely complaint about thinks that happens around in the office but i guess patience has its limit? i know i should be talking about positive things that is going around but that does not mean i cannot express my frustration, can i? okay... ein taking a deep breath and start with the positive things first.
  1. i had a good meeting with my team today. they have lots of things to talk about that 1 hour is not enough. i just love it when all of them open up. before this they were like err.. how do i say this, they wanna say something but they got restricted for some reason. so.. today they were all out.. just that i have not got the chance to hear out any suggestions. and because we have so much to share, we are gonna continue the meeting tomorrow. looking forward for a fruitful meeting :) yey!
  2. as i was teaching or shall i say, coaching my team members to be nice to all including internal customers who are our office mates... i just almost well.. 80% to blew up at one of my team mates. i was angry... YES!! absolutely... hey NO pointing fingers arsh!!
  • why cant people just do their work properly and check the details?? 
  • why cant they share the right information with the rest of the team members and make life much easier? and 
  • why cant they stop being bitchy towards others and do their work as they are supposed to without sucking and licking the boss's ass??? 
OMG i just had it today!!! enough is enough suckerss!!! arrgghhh... this is when i feel like i only want smart people working around me!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

under the weather

cheywahhh.... perumpamaan omputih... if i am not mistaken, it means that if someone is not feeling that well. :) correct me if i am wrong okay. anyway... yeah... maybe it was the long night out... started with Xango Dinner, then the next day, night out at the club with some business partners.. during the day busy running in and out.. with the new office launch, maid, wedding... different kinda food left me with 'cherry berry' the next day for more half a day wasted! somehow until today i still feel the weakness. last night i almost had it again... :(

so, somehow or rather it does affect my work performance... i become more productive... ahahhaha LOL :D on the other side of the work...uhuhhhuuuu... :P

and i know this has nothing to do with the posting, but i bought 4 packets of wantan mee. :D ngeee...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swimming time!

zharee is on holiday with joelis this weekend. I think her mommy is more excited than her. Hehe :) i wish i was there too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

things happen for a reason

i was really happy yesterday :)

but somehow, just recently i am feeling so errgghh... tired.. my mind is tired.. or how am i supposed to say it? mentally tired?? although i was happy last night, when i got home, i saw dirty dishes in the sink - that makes me so upset. i am going off track now.. telling about last night.. anyway... brought home nasi goreng for kaiser from N3's house. miss zharee terribly... :( :( goshh... off track again... kaiser request to add eggs in the nasi goreng while he went upstairs to shower. i fried the egss.. mix with the nasi goreng but i did not wash the dishes after cooking... on purpose! so last night, i heard him washing... but knowing men.. they will still leave some for you to do... he left lisa's tupperwares... danggg... which i am sure in will need to do it later!

and today... working with hmmmm feel like giving name... but i will change all the time.. wish to call the person sang kelembai today... so slow.. or better word is lembab tahap maksima.. emo berlebih lak tuh.. argghhh...

ya Allah berilah hambaMu ini kesabaran dalam menghadapi manusia2 sebegini... ameen...

Monday, October 11, 2010

living room dilemma

i dont know where to start. errmm... okay, it started when one day kaiser said he booked a sofa from someone.. i was...err shocked...
"what?? you bought a sofa? how does it look like? is it nice?" calmly and with a smile he replied,
"yeahh... it's brown leather from lorenzo.." 
"hemmm are you sure it'll look nice?" 
"yeahh... someone is leaving malaysia and he wants to sell it fast, so i better buy... if we don't like it, we can sell it off"

then off we went to germany... with my head still thinking of the sofa... :O so now we wanna paint the living room. so i told kaiser, when we are back after germany trip, if i still have cash in hand.. hehhe :D we'll paint the living room.. so.. next step, called the contractor.. he quoted rm2,500.00 for the living room and my master bedroom which i think is reasonable. but.. you know lah... it is still costly for kaiser. and... he decided to do the painting job himself.. this is the time when i bite my fingers... hehehe :D errr...

next we went to home decor expo.. then we collected lots of brochures... now we are trying to compromise with each other on the wall color. perhaps, we are going to paint just 1 side for feature wall. our kitchen cabinet is brown.. so is our new sofa.. first i liked olive green, calm blue or deep red (non-striking), or coco... and kaiser liked peach, beige, lite green... i was kinda nervous if i have a lite green wall.. uurrgghhh...

but last night... kaiser agreed on olive green wall... :) yey... now.. waiting patiently for the sofa... november seems so slow.. :P

thank you Allah

i am grateful to have such independent children who can help around at home :) the routine for everyone [the most heaviest] is the laundry. the maid will iron and fold the clothes.. after that each one of us will collect our own clothes and bring them upstairs.. and this morning i had this conversation with joey,

malam ni, kita nya tugas.. sort out kain yang dah siap gosok and lipat ye. kita kosongkan bilik bawah.
heemm tengok lah pukul berapa mama balik, kalau lewat nanti joey dah penat, joey tertidur ke...
ohh ye jugak ye.. hmmm mama kena balik awal lah gitu? tapi tak boleh la awal sangat. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

my courtyard and me [part I]

the project has been delayed for the past 2 months. kaiser has been babbling and teasing me about not getting my courtyard @ garden or whatever that you wanna call that little area near my porch :) the thing is, i cannot plant anything coz it'll die! so... i needed help. asked help from my dad but since now we live 'far away' from everyone, it is quite difficult to get help :P trust me, anything out of keramat area, is far for my family members :) hahaha :D so accept it! kaiser pulled out the grass and weed twice in a month, and my project is still not happening.

originally, i see orchids in my courtyard... then one after another things came, i cannot continue on the project. but last weekend, i just needed to get it done. errr... it was not really the courtyard project at first... [see how i get diverted easily???] my focusing point is all over the world!! LOL :D anyway, i asked my sister, N3 if she wants to go to houz depot.. so we planned.. it happened yesterday. since the time is so limited, we could not browse too much, except, i got 2 bags of pebbles. so... immediately after i reached home, i poured them on the courtyard area... looked like i needed more! calculated... i need 5 bags more!

what happened to my orchids plan? abort! LOL :D today, i went there again with kaiser, and all we saw was - a balinese style garden :) :) heee :D so, we decided to put pebbles and i will get 2 big pots of plants (which i have not decided yet) to put smack in the middle.. err.. wanna see the progress?? :)
after: that 2 pots are temporary placed there. waiting for the actual pot (phase II)
close up of my welcome froggie :) and balinese thingy.. hehehe :D 
okay, it's like 80% done... kaiser and i did this till around 930pm.. have not decided on what plant to put there.. and also the pot. might use my existing one, but it is square... hmmm let's see.. :) so, peeps... stay tuned ;) nite2

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

check it out - introducing Connor's Eyes

guess what.... not that i dont have enough things on my plate.. and i must do this also... hahahah LOL :D :D i am just exploring what i like to do... i love to see beautiful photos taken by professional photographers. talking about photographers i know, not the public ones.. :P some work that i like are from caranthir, tini, the guy who took my nikah photos (shoot what is his name lah??) and camus... ( yeah ... yeah... my ex-husband). i have seen the talent from my joelis too. so, after investing into a dslr.. i decided to have an additional blog to see my improvements [and at times, i will upload photos taken by joelis as well] with connor ;) lisa mastered connor faster and she likes to explore connor, and each time she learned something new, i'd asked her to teach me, coz, i am sooooo... lazy to read the manual :)

so... after awhile, i think i am getting better in handling connor :) this blog will be closed to private viewers soon, so do remember to add yourself as followers if you want to see more photos in them.

click here to go to the blog

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sakit perut & sleepy

yes, i am supposed to be doing my work. can i take a short break..? pleaseeee... been to the ladies 3 times.. i think there is something wrong with what i ate. or maybe because i did not take proper dinner last night. hmmmmm.. can i talk rubbish now? i have too many plans.. another activity for the office coming up but this time, it'll be organised by HR, so we are quite cool about it. except.. gotta discuss what to be in the teambuilding. hmmmmm... was very disciplined since last week when i came back to work.. past 2 days were better. today, i am done with all the claims.. and cleaning up after event.. need to have a meeting lah.

pictures of germany collected... more than 500 pieces... spent less than rm300 for the pics.. better than the bloody expensive photobook where they charge me rm355 for 40 pages of album.. apa hal??!! nahhh not gonna spend that much... lots of things i can use the money for lah.

last weekend was quite crappy. was stuck with migraine for almost 2 days.. sunday was worst. decided to go for massage.. then took 3 painkillers.. skipped 1 open house.. sorry NZ :( but... towards the evening, decided to go to home deco at klconvention centre... kaiser and myself... best giler okay!! if i have that kind of money.. wahhh meriah!! anyhow, we were thinking how can someone spend like >5k for a bloody bed??? duhhh... since we are into decorating our home now.. we cut the tour short.. we looked for living and bedroom :) and collected few flyers and brochures.. berangan giler when we were there.. but when we drove home.. re-calculate.. (ada mcm bunyik gps tak? LOL) we think, it was not worth to spend that much... because our home is rented. hmmm so how? :) well, there must be a solution.. we make the most minimum that we can spend on beautifying the house ;) heee... :D :D ngee... i am so happy.... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! :P

we love the wall decor.. the paint.. the art... the sofa.. the lighting.. the garden.. me love the orchids!! omg... me go crazy... help... saw the cool pool... the wicker chair so bloody expensive for a made in china products :P hehe :D