Wednesday, September 1, 2010

yey.. i still have friends

i was at the phase where i was feeling, i dont have friends anymore, except those at the office. :P i meant, friends whom i can leypak with.. or i can talk to when i am really feeling down. and at one point of time, i felt like, what have i become? why dont my friends leypak with me anymore, vice versa. and our recent activities proved otherwise. :) and YES... it is always great to be with girlfriends although at times i can be the most quiet person in the gathering but hey.... i will always have a fantabulous time with my BB girlfriends :) i love you girls!! and as i am typing all these, i would think of lisa... and feel like telling her to treasure her friends because friends stay forever! :) :*

last night we had a surprise iftar/dinner birthday celebration for CM at prime, le meridien, kl. that was my first time there and the lamb was sluurrppyyy deliciously yummy... i wished kaiser was there.. and see all the craziness of the BB girls. CM was surprised to see us there when at first she thought it was gonna be a quiet dinner for her and SM. heh eheh hehe :D sorry babe... we wont let you celebrate without us.. hahaaha :D we hope you had a great time and thanks SM for the dinner :)

i love you babe.... i doakan your kesejahteraan with your hubby and children, dipelihara usia dan kesihatan and sentiasa didalam His guidance and keredhaanNya.