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short saturday

by - September 05, 2010

was awake by lisa's knock on the door. early in the morning and suddenly she wants to go cycling. hmmm ok la.. better than just sitting the whole day in her room, fbooking lah, tumbler lah... chatting lah.. so, got kaiser to get down to help lisa with her bicycle. and that was early morning... then, while waiting for the workshop to open, i did the laundry. joey was at my parents' place last night. ohh before that, N3 smsed and asked if i'd accompany her to curve. she picked me up at the workshop with zharee and joey in the car :) should have brought connor with me to snap zharee's pic. hmmm... next time lah. i brought 2 pairs of joey's jean to be altered. and guess what... they can only get it ready after raya... hmmm cancelled.. apa hal jeans siap lepas raya, tak berseluar lah anak aku, tak ke.. :P so, next we went to binwanis where N3 was supposed to get her material - done. and wallaaa... found a shop with discounted price for jeans... got 2 pairs for joey.. just in case i could not alter his other 2 pairs before raya :) and next... flea market... lots of nice things... but in my head... 'relax ein... remember... you need the cash for something else!' heheh :D and true enough... when i got back at the workshop.. i needed more than 2k for the repairs and change of parts... *sigh*...

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