Tuesday, September 14, 2010

day 1

its 1am in abu dabhi right now. we are waiting for our next flight to munich. we reached klia too early.. had to wait 3 hours there. this posting is gonna be short and sweet :P sitting at the waiting area now with 2 not good looking mat salleh.. hehehe :D jahat kan.. biasa lah pagi2 buta... masih lalok. didnt get to sleep so well.. the seat was sempit la.. kaiser did not sleep at all.. its like every 2 hours they serve food!! the choc fudge was really yummy.. :D me, as usual got nervous.. biasa lah.dont really like travelling.. had been calling joelis few times when we still at the airport. :P

ok lah.. will update more if there's anything more interesting to update. hmmm this is gonna be my first time in munich.:)

till later guys.. :) i am missing joelis and zharee already..:)