Tuesday, September 28, 2010

am i newly charged?

i have been on a longggg leave that i am getting soooooo lazy to get back to work. you know what? i had this dream 2 days ago that i quit my job.. and at the same time i was out shopping for a new car! and then, i got a new job and the boss sucks big time... hehehe :D am i glad to have one cool boss right now.. alhamdulillah. so what am i babbling about? naahhh must be the long hols... i loved my times in germany but missed my joelis at the same time. anyway, if joelis were to come along, it'll be quite tiring for them as most of the time the travelling was impromptu.. spontaneous, and we loved it... next time we'll bring joelis, insyaAllah.. :) this was my trial.. so need to review a few things first. :) and it was like a honeymoon for us... this time, it was for real ;) *wink*..

i will just share some of the photos... if you are my friend on fbook, you'll be able to see more ;)
on honeymoon :*

me, kaiser, daffy, kate

octoberfest @ wies'n

at the lake in stanberg
my bro in law, thomas and my hubby, kaiser :)