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things that i missed

yes... somehow or rather, at times while being here in KL, i am still thinking of germany. :) of course not all the things are nice but worth thinking about lah. :)

things i miss:

people's attitude in general, polite and nicepatience in drivingcourteous driverscleanliness especially the public toilets.. are so clean!there is a lane for bicycle and pedestrians on the roadscenery in stanberg and munichpeaceful placesafe - where i dont have to lock my car while drivingi want to continue writing but i am so sleepy now.... hellpp... :P :P

am i newly charged?

i have been on a longggg leave that i am getting soooooo lazy to get back to work. you know what? i had this dream 2 days ago that i quit my job.. and at the same time i was out shopping for a new car! and then, i got a new job and the boss sucks big time... hehehe :D am i glad to have one cool boss right now.. alhamdulillah. so what am i babbling about? naahhh must be the long hols... i loved my times in germany but missed my joelis at the same time. anyway, if joelis were to come along, it'll be quite tiring for them as most of the time the travelling was impromptu.. spontaneous, and we loved it... next time we'll bring joelis, insyaAllah.. :) this was my trial.. so need to review a few things first. :) and it was like a honeymoon for us... this time, it was for real ;) *wink*..

i will just share some of the photos... if you are my friend on fbook, you'll be able to see more ;)

14th sept 2010

13th sept - 15th sept 2010: my first trip to germany :) didnt know what to expect. had a big surprise just before we board the plane to abu dabhi. :) kaiser was like 'kisinen' when he introduced me to her... and she  was like covering up other truth about who she was. :) [like i dont know the history lah kan..] i was cool about it.. hehehe :D anyway, the biggest surprise was when we arrived at munich airport. not that pleasant but it was an adventure.

not gonna touch so much of the personal stories here.. ;) let's just get to the other stories of the traveling. the walking makes me so damn tired. i guess sports shoes are much better then the 2.5inch boots :P oh... the muesli is so cheap here!! kaiser got so excited showing to me.. it was only e1.99  or 1kg when in KL we had to pay like rm16 per 750gm!

we spent like almost 2 hours going up and down the lrt coz we were not sure on the stations to stop at... both us with 2 big bags.. hehehe :D for some reason, luckily joelis w…

pause from blogging :)

day 1

its 1am in abu dabhi right now. we are waiting for our next flight to munich. we reached klia too early.. had to wait 3 hours there. this posting is gonna be short and sweet :P sitting at the waiting area now with 2 not good looking mat salleh.. hehehe :D jahat kan.. biasa lah pagi2 buta... masih lalok. didnt get to sleep so well.. the seat was sempit la.. kaiser did not sleep at all.. its like every 2 hours they serve food!! the choc fudge was really yummy.. :D me, as usual got nervous.. biasa lah.dont really like travelling.. had been calling joelis few times when we still at the airport. :P

ok lah.. will update more if there's anything more interesting to update. hmmm this is gonna be my first time in munich.:)

till later guys.. :) i am missing joelis and zharee already..:)

selamat hari raya

hehehe :D this year, the days are gone too fast. we didnt have the chance to have a photoshoot for raya, so, here goes :)

injured connor

i am now at a xango party and i have connor with me. i was so shock to see connor injured :( looks like connor needs new filter.

how do i feel? my heart breaks.. it makes me so sad looking at connor's injury...

8.30pm: went to ampang park to look for joey's shoes.. couldnt find any... but there is a camera shop by the escalator. stopped by to get connor a new filter.. alhamdulillah, he looks like new again.. ohh and i got him cleaning set as well :) i hope the person who did this to connor will confess. will i be angry? i am beyond angry, it was more of frustrated, sad and shocked. i just want to know the truth.

si putut

my daily rush home is to be with zharee. :)

short saturday

was awake by lisa's knock on the door. early in the morning and suddenly she wants to go cycling. hmmm ok la.. better than just sitting the whole day in her room, fbooking lah, tumbler lah... chatting lah.. so, got kaiser to get down to help lisa with her bicycle. and that was early morning... then, while waiting for the workshop to open, i did the laundry. joey was at my parents' place last night. ohh before that, N3 smsed and asked if i'd accompany her to curve. she picked me up at the workshop with zharee and joey in the car :) should have brought connor with me to snap zharee's pic. hmmm... next time lah. i brought 2 pairs of joey's jean to be altered. and guess what... they can only get it ready after raya... hmmm cancelled.. apa hal jeans siap lepas raya, tak berseluar lah anak aku, tak ke.. :P so, next we went to binwanis where N3 was supposed to get her material - done. and wallaaa... found a shop with discounted price for jeans... got 2 pairs for joey.. ju…

the apple of my eye

pictures taken when we had breakfast at berjaya, bangsar one fine sunday. looking forward for the next breakfast @ berjaya... hehehe :D after ramadhan okay ;)
he makes me smile... :)

yey.. i still have friends

i was at the phase where i was feeling, i dont have friends anymore, except those at the office. :P i meant, friends whom i can leypak with.. or i can talk to when i am really feeling down. and at one point of time, i felt like, what have i become? why dont my friends leypak with me anymore, vice versa. and our recent activities proved otherwise. :) and YES... it is always great to be with girlfriends although at times i can be the most quiet person in the gathering but hey.... i will always have a fantabulous time with my BB girlfriends :) i love you girls!! and as i am typing all these, i would think of lisa... and feel like telling her to treasure her friends because friends stay forever! :) :*

last night we had a surprise iftar/dinner birthday celebration for CM at prime, le meridien, kl. that was my first time there and the lamb was sluurrppyyy deliciously yummy... i wished kaiser was there.. and see all the craziness of the BB girls. CM was surprised to see us there when at firs…