Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i know why but i am not sure how to manage it... :P lack of power. how does my mom do it? getting up very early in the morning, prepared sahur and owhh... now i know... my mom can come back earlier and cover her sleep..? no? hehehe :D but still she is stronger than me. i am trying to figure out this for many days. on day 1 of fasting, i got up earlier coz i think this is the 1st year that i actually do most of the cooking/preparing food for sahur. and i tried not to go back to sleep. result? i felt okay at first and later the day.. i became a zombie. useless, grouchy, tired human being :D hahaha :D my brain was not able to work at the workplace. isn't that what you are supposed to do at workplace? see.. i am babbling now.

then, i tried to sleep back after sahur or after subuh. ended up terlajak most of the time. it is still no good for me, and i am not proud of that. i think if it was me, i would just pass sahur... or drink a glass of water is enough. but since my joey is fasting too, i dont have the heart to let him fast without sahur. :)

preparation for raya? next posting... ;)