Tuesday, August 10, 2010

syahdu pulak

taken from a blog.. dah kita pun solat camne nak amik gambar, ye dak?
i felt blessed that i can perform solat terawikh with the whole family. the moment that i love during ramadhan. we would usually solat terawikh at home. and last night, suddenly i felt so syahdu... :) this year, again, i visualized him together with all of us... together with the men in the house. and i noticed that my mom did not  pray sitting on a chair :) and last night, listening to our imam muda for this year, my cousin syahmie, it just cant stop the tears from falling. listening to him reciting the al fatihah and rest of the surah during prayer, just touched my heart. sejuk perut ibunya mengandungkan nya dulu :) and insyaAllah, i pray that my lil joey will be able to do the same and meng-imamkan kami sekeluarga. dan aku tahu anak2 aku masih bingung dengan keadaan dia... Ya Allah, kami pohon, Kau kuatkan lah semangat dan iman kami sekeluarga Ya Allah... kami pohon, Kau terangi lah jalan yang kami lalui Ya Allah.