Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ramadhan is back

okay, i have about 10 minutes to blabber. for the first time, i prepared a menu schedule for sahur. whether or not  to follow what is in the schedule, that is 2nd issue :P at least i am prepared and all are planned. if i have the mood, i will cook, otherwise... express order.. heh heh :D but if you ask me, i wish i will cook ;)

next, i am done ordering baju melayu for kaiser & joey and 1 pair of baju kurung for lisa, 2 pairs for me. :) at least, i don't have to worry about the 1st and 2nd raya. the rest, i leave it to joelis' dad.

last but not least "YaAllah, lembutkan bagi hati nya seperti Engkau lembutkan besi bagi Daud" happy fasting everyone :) wanna go home, and insyaAllah the 1st terawikh tonight with the family :)