Sunday, August 29, 2010

my weekend at gleneagles

what a title.. :D heheh that is because, i am gonna lump all my stories in one post. :p hahaha :D okay lets cut it short. i just got discharged from the hospital yesterday, had a minor surgery. result will be out next week and i hope there is nothing serious. and no.. i am not pregnant. :P hahaha :D gosh how people like to assume.. :) anyway, the same thing happened at the hospital. there were a lot of cases and surgery on the same day my surgery is scheduled. the conversation between the nurse and i;

do you have children?
how many?
owh.. so this is your third?
third? *me asking blur-ly*
*she was pointing to my tummy*
no!.. no... i am not pregnant.. i am doing a different surgery... 
hmmmm and even the nurse assumed that i am there for d&c?? apa laahh... anyway, the procedure was only 5 minutes! i didnt feel a thing... all i know i was there with all the operation room lighting.. scary.. and suddenly when i woke up, i was at the hallway... and i saw my doctor came to me and ask if i am ok.. i said 'yeahh' :) didnt know it was over at that time, even... hehee :D

so, i had a night at the hospital.. did not really sleep well coz, my hand hurts.. heheh :D because of the needle poking it.. nothing to do with the surgery. anyway, i dont feel any pain... err dont really call it pain.. just some un-comfy feeling.. a bit of cramping.. but doesnt really bother me that much. just that the pantang larang sounded so serious.. cant do much heavy lifting lah... no hard work lah.. need to be careful for internal bleeding lah etc etc...

the nurses were friendly. owh... just one experience.. after an hour at my bed, the nurse wanted to change me to a single bed room. she asked me to pee.. and after that i changed to another hospital gown. and she asked me to pack my things and walk to the room on the opposite side of the room. like 5 minutes after i stood up, i felt something running down my thigh.. and i see blood... errkk...