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mc donald's serves expired bread?

by - August 15, 2010

as scheduled in my sahur menu, on sunday is sort of fast food day. so, that nite, joelis and i mutually agreed that we are going to have mc donald's for sahur. so.. the adventure begins.

15th aug 2010: we woke up earlier than usual, 4.00am because we will need to drive out to get our mc donald's. the intention was we wanna get fresh burger. so anyway, i decided to drove to mc donald's taman setiawangsa. we got there around 4.40am. the drive thru queue was quite long, so i told joelis, we'd better go in and eat in. it was really surprising that the workers were like errmm how do i say, not systematic. queue was long. i had to wait for more than 20 minutes to get attended to when there was no one in front of me. and what's funnier, they calculate using a calculator instead of the usual cashier!! so, my turn came, i ordered 1 double gcb, and 2 single gcb. the person at the counter asked us to eat first and he'll calculate later.

there we were trying to eat up our food, it was almost 5.10am. suddenly lisa showed me, her gcb burger has fungus on the bread... i was like...iyugghhh... and lisa lost her appetite. immediately, i checked my burger and asked joey to check his burger. luckily ours were fine. and because we were chasing time, i couldnt be bothered to re-order.

after we were done eating, i went to the counter and showed the fungus gcb burger to the person who attended me.. he went,
"why are you serving expired bread to your customer?"
"i am not going to pay for this okay"
"let me speak to your manager"
the manager came up to me and.. "yes?"
"look, how can you not check the quality of your bread when you served to your customers?"
-speechless-.... "alamak..." and she took the burger away and went to the back talking to her crew at the back. i couldnt hear what she said to her crew, i paid our food and walk off...

moral of the story: always check your burger on your next visit to mc donald's.

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