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kuriya japanese restaurant - my personal review

by - August 02, 2010

i was invited by my supplier for lunch. when he asked what i wanted to eat... hmmm it was tough.. originally he suggested, western... (err... no lahh..), nasi daun pisang (no!!...), so i text him back, i will let him know... then, as i was in my car to go home... the idea came... either japanese or dim sum. :) yes!!! and his reply was... he doesn't eat any of those and for me to suggest where to eat. so, we went to bsc and look for a japanese restaurant... whoaa... bsc changed a lot, we almost got lost in there :P to cut story short. we found kuriya restaurant. the first thing that we asked was if it is halal.. and the waitress said, 'it is pork free and we serve liquor' so... okay lah... :D hehehe :D
  • date of visit: 28th july 2010
  • location: in bangsar shopping centre.
  • place: it was okay... what do you expect in a shopping mall? :P
  • decor: nice... :) clean.. comfy and cosy..
  • cleanliness: very clean :) thumbs up.
  • service: efficient.. we got our food quite fast. 
  • price: quite on a high side, but since orang belanja... okay lah.. 
  • food: we tried all that we think we can eat. i love the salmon!!! and the round like pulut thingy. delicious... the prawn was yummy... except the noodles, my supplier said, it was not nice and hanyeh.. heheh :D 

    will i recommend people to go there? yes, you can try... will i come back? definitely but not always la... koyak la pocket... heheheh :D  pictures, i got it from internet... thanks ya.. :)

    for 2 person, total bill was almost RM200 but it was worth it!!! we ordered more than what is shown below ;p

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