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istana bambu - my personal review

by - July 30, 2010

the name of the place has been playing in our head. mine and my sister's. somehow, one fine day, my family had late lunch there. before you read more, please excuse my english and arranging of words because honestly right now, i am getting very sleepy. but anyway, here goes...
  • date of visit: 18th july 2010
  • location: near MRR2.
  • place: quite strategic, lots of parking space, although i personally think somehow someday if it gets too busy, the nearby neighbors might complaint. 
  • decor: it was okay. unique. maybe at night it will look more impressive. 
  • cleanliness: need to work on this. when we were there for late lunch, the floor was quite dirty with left overs here and there.. tissue paper.. etc..
  • service: slow although there were many workers around.
  • price: too pricey for a malay restaurant. i guess customers pay for the decor to eat there. i think if they don't put a high price, they will get more people coming.
  • food: the taste is normal, nothing special. we ordered pineaple fried rice RM12.00, seafood fried rice RM16.00, fried kuey tiow RM11.00 and 2 pieces ayam goreng kampung RM6.90. (these are the ones that we feel quite acceptable price). 

will i recommend people to go there? errmmm... if you wanna try, why not. but will i return? not, if i had to. there are other places with the same kind of food, better taste and reasonable price. i am glad we did not celebrate our birthday there, or kaiser will be cursing the whole time...

here are some pictures... i will add more pics at home (kalau ada mood... hehehe :D )..  ambik gambar macam nak rak... 

suggestion: price should go down, service should be faster, waitress and waiters should be more friendly and SMILE while attending to customers. i have read many reviews about istana bambu and all of them agree that the price is too high. so, the management should do something about it. you may have spent a lot on the decor but the kind of food served there, with the price... tak sesuai.  

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