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i got conned by online scam Part III

by - August 17, 2010

goshhh this is so long... kan? :)

Dear  Nurain bt Mohamed Kalam,
            We hereby regarding the payment confirm from
Mrs.Singleton Regina direct to your to your Bank Account..  (Maybank Berhad) Account  No 014 xxx xxx xxx  from First National Bank & Trust Transfer online. Actually we have completely received all the details sent to us from you regarding the transaction,but unfortunately we have make a process to make the transfer of the money to be activate into your account as far as you have been expecting the money to be activated into your bank account, now we try our best to make the money activated into your bank account today, but there is a  problem in activating the money into your account as well as  Mrs.Singleton Regina account is a Domination account with us here, a small amount of  USD$240.00 can not be transfer out of her account. Money transferring from her account to another account for international transfer starting from USD$1,000.00. we make a apologize that the money can not be transfer into your account due to the money is very small to the amount the account can issued out to transfer into your Bank account and this happen because this is a international transfer which is out of United Kingdom and any domination account transferring money from First National Bank & Trust Transfer Online  to a international bank account will start to be transfer at the amount of USD$1,000.00

Now we want you to make a contact with Mrs.Singleton Regina , How to solve the problem out to be able to activate the money into your account, we are doing this because your transaction amount does not complete up to the
USD$1,000.00  and now all what we are talking about is to try and make the deal complete up to USD$1,000.00 which should be solved out within you and
Mrs.Singleton Regina .


The conclusion of the transaction must be complete within now and the next 12-24hours in order for us to be able to make a direction about your transaction with all the information about the deal.
                      ***NOTICE AGAIN***
To be honest with you, anything  Mrs.Singleton Regina  say to you on how to make the deal complete up to
USD$1,000.00. You Must abide with her. so that the transfer can be completed.

We hope to read back from you about the reality conclusion of the transaction.

Thanks For Choosing FIRST NATIONAL BANK & TRUST As Your Online Money Transfer.


Mr. Anne Welffring.

First National Bank & Trust 1985 - 2010 .All rights reserved.

Mrs Regina,

Pls find a way for me to receive a payment. I am not a shop owner where I ship out products . I am merely selling my used wedding dress. 

And I cannot stop the delivery as it is already on the way or I shall be charged more by DHL which is unfair to me. :(

Thank you
Hello seller,
   I will check with my bank asap to know what is going on and then i make the adjustment..
Hello seller,
        I will like to tell you that i have just finished making the additional payment of the USD$760 With my bank to complete the amount  USD$1000 To be transfer to your
Bank Account. But before they can transfer the Money i Requested you send USD$760 to my son. So i need you to send the Money USD$760 Through western Union Money transfer( to the address i will Provide Below and  once you finished sending the Money you need to Scan me and my Bank the Western Union Money Transfer Receipt and once they got that from you that you have already send the USD$760 to my son then they credit the amount of   USD$1000 To your Bank Account then you got that in your Bank Account in 12hours and i hope you can got to the Western Union Money transfer office and send the Money and scan me and my bank and moreover here is the Information i need you to send the Money too and also i need to let you know that the Information is for my son Lecture he is the one who help him to Received the Money and give it to  him and i hope you can do this asap so that you can get the money asap in your bank account because my bank is going to credit the your bank account with the amount of  USD$1000 once they got the western union receipt that you have send the USD$760 to my son. 
Here is the Name and Address You will send the Money too:

Name:Olaniyan David
Address:Nw5/53 Omitowoju Street
State:Oyo state

Waiting to hear from you
and this is where i truly realized, i was conned... :( 

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