Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i got conned by online scam Part II

next... the 'bank transaction'... i was stupid enough not to realize that the email looked funny.. :( and there is no such bank that has a 'managing director'??? duhhh...

                                  ***ONLINE TRANSFER MONEY APPROVED***
The Wire Transfer Order from First National Bank and Trust Online Banking has been Approved .

We have received a TRANSFER ORDER  placed by  our Customer (Mrs.Singleton Regina)  the sum of  (USD$240.00)  Has Been transferred to you (Nurain bt Mohamed Kalam)as a payment for your item (Preloved Evening Dress) and it has been successfully processed and has consequently been APPROVED .The financial details of the transaction are stated below:

                     Transfer Receipt Confirmation    

Order Status:
Transfer Payments Order Available
Date Placed
Order Status
Transfer Order Number
Billing Information:
Transfer Status:
Payment Method
Visa Card/Cash
Card Number
Exp. Date
Name on Card
Mrs.Singleton Regina 
Street Address
6111 - 91 St.
City, State, Zip
Edmonton, Alberta,T6E 6V6
United Kingdom
Services Purchased:
Direct Transfer /Cash
Previous Payment 

Transfer Charges

Total Transfer
Item Unit
Shipping ServicesDHL
Auction Site
Item description
Preloved Evening Dress

Seller's Information:
Use our online Transfer to pay for online purchases, the companies / individuals you buy from all over the world. This is an important security feature and certainly is better than having your credit card number transmitted all over the Internet. Our Service is secure, and we screen our merchant accounts very closely in order to protect the sellers and the buyer
Nurain bt Mohamed Kalam

Email Address of the seller

Account Name                       :-Nurain bt Mohamed Kalam
Account Number                   :-014 XXX XXX XXX
Bank Name                           :-Maybank Berhad

Bank Address                       :-Maybank Berhad, WISMA UN, Block C, Damansara Offices Complex Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Swift Code                             :-MBBEMYKL
Country                                 :- Malaysia
Item Name                            :-Preloved Evening Dress
Total Amount Paid                :-USD$240.00

Thank you for using Online Banking System (Wire Transfer) ® As a  Payments . We look forward to serving your online with better services in the future.

Please check the above information if they are correct as entered by our numerous customer.

If  you are having any problem with it just contact the transfer department at :

Thank you  for using First National Bank and Trust.
Managing Director

MR. Anne Welffring
First National Bank and Trust Zonal Transfer Manager.

next email... i received..

Dear  Nurain bt Mohamed Kalam,

         We  want to let  you know that 
Mrs.Singleton Regina   has made the payment and we have sent you an approval confirmation email to notify you that the  transfer as been made with the details of your bank information for the payment, to assured you that the transfer is going to your account. once the transfer as been approved is not possible for Mrs.Singleton Regina  to cancel or Stop the transfer again that is the procedure before the transfer made.


1) Item Paid for:Preloved Evening Dress

2) Amount paid :USD$240.00

 So to protect both the buyer and the seller we will need to confirm the shipment before we transfer your money to your account.Kindly go and make the shipment between 12-24Hours with DHL and get back to us with the information below for us to confirmed the shipment.

1) Shipment  Tracking Number
2) Shipment Scan Receipt.
3) The Name of the shipment service that we will confirm the shipment with.

Once the shipment as been confirmed we will notify you and transfer  your  money  to your account between 24  to 72  hours to your account.

Thanks for using First National Bank and Trust.

Elaine Duff.
Customer Service Representative

Dear Elaine

Is it possible if I use another courier, or I must use DHL? 

Thank you.

Dear  Nurain bt Mohamed Kalam,
                                           We Need to Finalized to you that Mrs. Singleton Regina has Already Confirmed For us that she Prefer DHL Express Courier For the shipment..


Hello Seller,
I have make the transfer of your money just now with my Bank for the (Preloved Evening Dress) including the DHL shipping fee to Nigeria to my son address.  But My bank Manager told me they will like you to go to dhl Shipping Courier first and Send the Item, then you get back to them with the Shipment Tracking Number for Verification before they can proceed with the transfer of your money to your bank account because of online fraud going on and i will like to tell you that because i have trust in you that is why i am doing this deal with you and i hope you will proceed with the shipment a s soon as possible and mail my bank the shipment Number For Them To Proceed with the Transfer of your Money to your Bank Account.

Here is my son Shipping address:
Name: Alao Banji
Address:45 boys arena street Mokola
State:Oyo State
Telephone Number:07090145656

Awaiting to For the shipment scanned receipt..

Hi Regina

Yes, i have received the email. I just sent an email to the bank and ask if I can use other courier. 

Anyway, I will get the dress packed tonight when I get home and try to arrange for the courier to come to my office tomorrow. Only then I know the shipment number. Means I will have to pay first for the shipment :(


Ok seller,
But have already told you i Prefer DHL For the shipment of the item..

Ok, will get back to you by tomorrow. :)

Thank you.


Hi Regina

I have packed the dress, 1 bolero, and now waiting for DHL to come and collect from me. Just to let you know I could not find the other long sleeve bolero as shown in attached file. I am so sorry. 

Ok seller,
am expecting the DHL Shipment tracking Number and scanned receipt from 

Hello seller,
what is going on about the shipment, since  you have Provided me the DHL shipment Tracking Number, have been trying to Track and trace the shipment on the DHL website BUT It seems the shipment Number is found on their system and as you know my bank will need to verify the shipment tracking Number is been track and trace on DHL website before they can remitted your bank account with your Money, so i need you to go to DHL Office Lodge the Complain to them about this, so that they can make the amendment of the
shipment tracking Number on their system so that my bank can be able to verify the shipment then they remit your bank account, so i hope you can do this very fast and get to me back with Good Response that the shipment tracking Number has been track and trace so that me and my bank can be able to verify this ..

i sent the email on DHL info.

Dear Elaine & Regina

Please see below for your information.

Thank you.

Dear Regina

Please confirm if the payment for the dress has gone through.

Thank you.

Hello seller,
 Thanks For the Shipment Anyway, I Really Appreciate Your Effort Upon the Transaction am Making With You and I Hope to Make More Transaction With You In Future and Also I will Like to tell you that I Have Help you to Send the scanned Receipt to the Bank to Verify so that They Can Activate Your Bank Account and Also My Bank Manager told me they We Contact You and Let you Know when Your Money Would Be Transfer To Your Bank Account so once my Bank Manager Contact you and Let you Know that Pls Reply me back and Let me Know so that i Wont be Stressing Up myself Going to the Bank to Ask..

to be continued Part III


Jason said...

Sorry to hear bout what you've been thru. But you just saved me from making da biggest business mistake of my life. I got da same thing, from a person goin by name of Mrs Lisa Murtowski asking to ship to son's address as well.
'Here is my son Shipping address:
Name: Tolu Opeyemi
Address:45 boys arena street Mokola
State:Oyo State
Telephone Number:07090145656

Was so close to sending USD10k worth of product!

Fahmi Isa said...

thanks for the info..almost terkena.. i pun ada post same topic but diferent version..sian kat u.. THANKS..

noemi said...

I should read on internet before doing mistakes..... the same thing happened to me :( same card number, same "bank", same address

Anonymous said...

the same thing happend to me but if you mouse over the so called "paypal service" name on your email it will appear as a strange email and the email does not she those little terms and condition and privacy policy links below the email, and the ebay buyer has a private account for example my scam went by the name "nora wilson" in nigeria to her son because she was on a "business trip" so be on the look out takecare everyone... said...

before 3 weeks i added 2 different ads on the same site to sell 2 different musical instruments. I got 3 emails from 3 different guys all coming from nigeria oyo state city:ibadan. I have to mention that 2 of the emails sent to me were identical besides the adresses and the names but the rest of them was exactly same. The fake apparently buyer was offering me 600 euros just for the shipment fee while the shipment fee was actually 150(too good to be true) euros... Later i received some emails from 2 different banks(first national bank and trust, national bank of america) wanting to me to send them the shipping tracking number to verify that i have sent the instruments. While trying to make sure that the so called buyer is not a fraud i came across some information concerning the policy the first national bank and trust follows. In the bank's site they mentioned that they never ask for personal information of the seller such as bank number or pins through email. Thankfully i read your stories and saved me from losing instruments of total value 2000 euros. I have to say that i'm wondering, what the hell is a guy from nigeria going to do with 2 greek music instrument and also does anybody know if there is anyway to do something to stop that guy...