Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the family lil adventure

okay people... enuf on the scam crap thingy... enuf of the stupidity... *dusyum* on my head right now. lets get into some other stories now. i need to relax my head a lil bit... after whatever fart $%@$%&*- there you go!!

now is the fun part. i have been wanting to do this, looking for a place where there's river.. and picnicking, and taking pictures of the nature kinda thing. so, one day... i told kaiser (on the way back from joey's soccer practice) that we wanted to go and look for a river.. heheh :D kaiser was game on the plan :D hehehe :D it sound a bit crazy but hey.. sunday is family day... so we should be doing things with the family no matter how crazy it may be ;) right?

we got home.. kaiser sent joelis for their music class while i am at home, finishing up the laundry, packing some snacks and matt.. err.. tikar :P and by 300pm off we went to kemensah heights... somewhere behind zoo negara, ulu klang.

we did not find the river that i wanted... or the waterfall.. but we had quite an adventure :) it was so hot.. but we had fun lah... hhehe :D more pics on my FB page actually :)

our finding: kemensah heights' river is not as clean as before. it has quite a bad smell and getting smaller. no waterfall to be seen unless we wanna walk for 2.5 hours up hill somewhere... er no wayy.. :P