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boys & laundry

by - August 31, 2010

i have to admit that i have never done so much laundry after i am married to kaiser. i have always have the maid to do it for me. :) and with kaiser, i learned to wash my clothes separately according to categories. i used to just lump in all together - hmmm... and no wonder sometimes the colors mixed :P heh heh :D so, after awhile, i am disciplined in washing the clothes... except certain things i am very particular.

the categories would be:
  • whites
  • colored
  • jeans
  • towels
  • bathmats
somehow, i caught kaiser washing the bathmats together with the towels which i find it so iyugghhh... and today, few minutes ago when i asked joey to do the washing... 

ma, can i wash this (bathmat) together with the towels?
no, darling.
but ma, all are going to be washed anyway.
yeahh... but those you used for your feet and the towels are for your body & face.
but then, when are these gonna be washed? i only have one from my room. *with his not satisfied face expression*
its okay sayang, i will wash it together with all the bathmats.
hmmphh.. hokayy...

and this is kaiser's version..

sayang, did you wash the bathmats with the towels?
yeahh.. why?
alaa.. why did you mix?
why not? they'll be washed anyway.
yeahh... but those are for feet.
aahh... why make life complicated... once its washed, its clean!
*me... speechless!*

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