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boys & laundry

i have to admit that i have never done so much laundry after i am married to kaiser. i have always have the maid to do it for me. :) and with kaiser, i learned to wash my clothes separately according to categories. i used to just lump in all together - hmmm... and no wonder sometimes the colors mixed :P heh heh :D so, after awhile, i am disciplined in washing the clothes... except certain things i am very particular.

the categories would be:
whitescoloredjeanstowelsbathmatssomehow, i caught kaiser washing the bathmats together with the towels which i find it so iyugghhh... and today, few minutes ago when i asked joey to do the washing... 
ma, can i wash this (bathmat) together with the towels? no, darling. but ma, all are going to be washed anyway. yeahh... but those you used for your feet and the towels are for your body & face. but then, when are these gonna be washed? i only have one from my room. *with his not satisfied face expression* its okay sayang, i will wash it together with a…

my weekend at gleneagles

what a title.. :D heheh that is because, i am gonna lump all my stories in one post. :p hahaha :D okay lets cut it short. i just got discharged from the hospital yesterday, had a minor surgery. result will be out next week and i hope there is nothing serious. and no.. i am not pregnant. :P hahaha :D gosh how people like to assume.. :) anyway, the same thing happened at the hospital. there were a lot of cases and surgery on the same day my surgery is scheduled. the conversation between the nurse and i;

do you have children?
how many?
owh.. so this is your third?
third? *me asking blur-ly*
*she was pointing to my tummy*
no!.. no... i am not pregnant.. i am doing a different surgery... 
hmmmm and even the nurse assumed that i am there for d&c?? apa laahh... anyway, the procedure was only 5 minutes! i didnt feel a thing... all i know i was there with all the operation room lighting.. scary.. and suddenly when i woke up, i was at the hallway... and i saw my doctor came to me and ask if …


i know why but i am not sure how to manage it... :P lack of power. how does my mom do it? getting up very early in the morning, prepared sahur and owhh... now i know... my mom can come back earlier and cover her sleep..? no? hehehe :D but still she is stronger than me. i am trying to figure out this for many days. on day 1 of fasting, i got up earlier coz i think this is the 1st year that i actually do most of the cooking/preparing food for sahur. and i tried not to go back to sleep. result? i felt okay at first and later the day.. i became a zombie. useless, grouchy, tired human being :D hahaha :D my brain was not able to work at the workplace. isn't that what you are supposed to do at workplace? see.. i am babbling now.

then, i tried to sleep back after sahur or after subuh. ended up terlajak most of the time. it is still no good for me, and i am not proud of that. i think if it was me, i would just pass sahur... or drink a glass of water is enough. but since my joey is fasting …

condo for sale: PV6 Taman Melati, Setapak

updated: 19 April 2012: this condo is SOLD :)

a nice spacious condo for sale.  1328 sq ft. freehold. good for investment. lots of shops nearby, walking distance. huge balcony. selling at RM355,000/- prefers direct buyers only.

weird dreams

i am just not in the mood to write but i wanna write... so how? i am feeling so godamn lazy right now.. that i wish i am home in my bed. i had a dream that i was involved in a superbike accident and a huge argument with kaiser last nite... well not really last nite.. but after sahur.. :P maybe, thats why... :P
To dream that you are in an accident, signifies pent-up guilt in which you are sub-consciously punishing yourself over.Perhaps you have done something that you are not proud of. Alternatively, the accident may symbolize an error or mistake your have made. Accident dreams also represent your fears of being in an actual, physical accident. You may simply be nervous about getting behind the wheel or that the dream is trying to warn you of some accident.To dream of a car accident, symbolizes your emotional state. You may be harboring deep anxieties and fears. Are you "driving" yourself too hard? This dream may tell you to slow down before you hit disaster. You nee…

sports massage @ equal fitness

i have been having this pain on my left arm, back and elbow. sometimes when the pain comes, i cant even explain what kind of pain it was. its quite irritating especially when i go to the gym for weight lifting, i cant lift up using my left arm. and at times, i 'll just put hot oil and wrap the whole left arm with a bandage. i have gone to the clinic and the doctor gave me pain killer. it doesnt last long. i went to traditional massage, yeahh i do feel better but it keeps on coming back. yesterday, i was at bazaar ramadhan to buy sate and chendol. by the time i get back to my car, my left elbow jammed. so, today i decided to try sports massage after explaining to the ladies there of my problem.

my first experience to a sports massage centre at equal fitness, sooka sentral.. habis di lipat2 nya badan aku!! mcm2 lipatan.. but i love the time when she found the point of my problem on my left side of my upper body. 'it's your muscle' she said... and all i could say was, …

scammer is on action again!

but not to me this time. it happened to my friend, and he emailed to me this morning. the 'buyer's' ayat2 in the email was exactly the same like what i got. omg... this person just continue to cheat people around the world!! and i am glad i shared this with you so that you'll know the scamming activities out there. here's the email from my friend... it was pretty funny when my friend replied to the email.. hehehe :D

From: SS
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 5:49 PM
To: Nurain Mohamed Kalam
Subject: Pendedahan Eksklusif Kisah Scam Mat Black di Malaysia - Page 3 - CariGold Forum
aku iklan kat mudah barang aku,

sekali dapat mail

scammer:Hello Seller,
Am Regina Singleton from UK am interested in
buying your item and i want
you to let me know the cost of the item and i will
like you to get back to my
Email: (
waiting for you...


pastu aku reply
akukurt:only 1k USD..


pastu scammer reply


the family lil adventure

okay people... enuf on the scam crap thingy... enuf of the stupidity... *dusyum* on my head right now. lets get into some other stories now. i need to relax my head a lil bit... after whatever fart $%@$%&*- there you go!!

now is the fun part. i have been wanting to do this, looking for a place where there's river.. and picnicking, and taking pictures of the nature kinda thing. so, one day... i told kaiser (on the way back from joey's soccer practice) that we wanted to go and look for a river.. heheh :D kaiser was game on the plan :D hehehe :D it sound a bit crazy but hey.. sunday is family day... so we should be doing things with the family no matter how crazy it may be ;) right?

we got home.. kaiser sent joelis for their music class while i am at home, finishing up the laundry, packing some snacks and matt.. err.. tikar :P and by 300pm off we went to kemensah heights... somewhere behind zoo negara, ulu klang.

we did not find the river that i wanted... or the waterfall.. b…

and another one... the scam Part V

and she doesn't give up... FBI kunun... manader FBI kat UK? wth...

From: Nurain Mohamed Kalam
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 9:18 AM
To: 'Regina singleton'
So, if your son have got it why haven’t you paid me yet? You get the money into my bank account, and transaction is done. I have done my part, dress is delivered but YOU have not paid me. I have checked there is NO SUCH THING about minimum amount of 1000USD to be transferred for International transaction. I am not stupid. If you want to proof that you are honest, then send me the money immediately and stop all this nonsense.
Stop telling stories.
A lil note from NurainMohamedKalam
“Never ask for things to be easier in life, ask for yourself to be better” – Mahatma Gandhi

From: Regina singleton []
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 7:53 PM
To: Nurain Mohamed Kalam

it doesnt stop there - the scam Part IV

surprisingly i got an email from 'Mrs Regina' this morning.

From: Regina singleton []
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 7:50 PM
To: Nurain Mohamed Kalam
Hey, what did you mean and why the accusation calling me a scam, am dissapointed in you and higly dissapointed, i dont know you are kind of a seller, you contact me that there is a problem with the transfer and i went to the bank to solve that with my own money and now my bank request you to go and send the money and you fucking telling me rubbish, i want did you mean, did you realize how much i have loose in this transaction or did you think it is easy for some to go to the bank to make add up of 760$ and you know the procedure that once my bank have approved the transfer they cant refund me back my money and now you telling me rubbish after which you made me loose my money, i need you to …

i got conned by online scam Part III

goshhh this is so long... kan? :)

Dear  Nurain bt Mohamed Kalam,
            We hereby regarding the payment confirm from Mrs.Singleton Regina direct to your to your Bank Account..  (Maybank Berhad) Account  No 014 xxx xxx xxxfrom First National Bank & Trust Transfer online. Actually we have completely received all the details sent to us from you regarding the transaction,but unfortunately we have make a process to make the transfer of the money to be activate into your account as far as you have been expecting the money to be activated into your bank account, now we try our best to make the money activated into your bank account today, but there is a  problem in activating the money into your account as well as  Mrs.Singleton Regina account is a Domination account with us here, a small amount of  USD$240.00 can not be transfer out of her account. Money transferring from her account to another account for international transfer starting from USD$1,000.00. we make a apologize that t…

i got conned by online scam Part II

next... the 'bank transaction'... i was stupid enough not to realize that the email looked funny.. :( and there is no such bank that has a 'managing director'??? duhhh...

The Wire Transfer Order from First National Bank and Trust Online Banking has been Approved .

We have received a TRANSFER ORDER  placed by  our Customer (Mrs.Singleton Regina)  the sum of  (USD$240.00)  Has Been transferred to you (Nurain bt Mohamed Kalam)as a payment for your item (Preloved Evening Dress) and it has been successfully processed and has consequently been APPROVED .The financial details of the transaction are stated below:

 Transfer Receipt Confirmation 

Order Status: APPROVEDTransfer Payments Order Available AVAILABLE Date Placed 09/08/2010 Order Status TRANSFER CONFIRMED Transfer Order Number GB90761H7210PW9 Bill…