Saturday, July 3, 2010

world cup

what the fart.... heh heh.. i dont usually care about football games unless i watch it live. but its the fever people are having now.. somehow, tonight we are all gonna watch it at 10pm.. why? because, its germany vs argentina. who is stronger? i dont know.. :P coz i dont watch... what am i blabbering? well anyway, the four of us will be seated in front of the tv tonight. kaiser, of course on germany's side, joelis on argentina... me? on who wins! hahaha :D LOL... 

others: just thinking about this made me chuckle... kaiser could not open the bike's fuel tank lock. it is quite complicated actually. but somehow, i managed to do it. kaiser got upset... hahaha :D so i said, 'well i guess, i feel it more than you about the bike!' and he started to blah blah blah as usual... i dont know lah, just gotta feel it before you turn the knob thingy... :D :P