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where did he come from?

by - July 14, 2010

omg, ma, i think you have a stalker...
hahha :D cool huh... :)

it started few months back when we just moved to the area. i was driving out to send joey for his soccer practise, when we saw 1 gentleman jogging... or let's say walking. i was reversing my car when i sort of almost not see him passing by my gate. luckily he stopped and gave way. so, in embarrassment, i smiled at him, thankful and thinking... hmmm nice people in our neighborhood here. few mat sallehs around which makes kaiser comfortable :) so that was it.... and after that.... we would see him walking in front of our house or at least the same way as we drove out of our housing area. 

after a while, we kinda get sort of errr... not that comfortable when he started to smile too much.. :P the last we saw him was two weeks ago. i was doing groceries shopping at the supermarket nearby when i noticed him... he looked different that night as he was wearing smart office shirt and slacks, not his usual walking shorts and tshirt. the funny thing was, he came back in and bought a few stuff and queued behind our lane to pay. hmmmm.... we took a peep at his car as we drove off... he was driving a volvo with red plate number... some diplomat from somewhere i supposed. 

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