Saturday, July 24, 2010

welcome teenage life!

lisa turned 13 today. not gonna say time flies... hear it too often. but yeah... its bound to happen and just a matter of time. so far, her growing up part has been pretty smooth. :) hehehe :D kaiser always teases me that i am getting nervous. but the truth is... not at all.. i take it one step at a time. every one grows older and the best way to do it is just tackle it when it comes. and with kaiser around, i am thankful... that i do not go through it alone :) lisa has a father and mother to refer to when it comes to whatever... and the kind of family that i imagined, i have it now... although not 100% purrfect...  we will be there, insyaAllah.

we had a double celebration at delicious jalan tun razak. lisa suggested delicious. so..delicious it is. i was quite rushing the whole day actually ... was out in the morning... sent joelis to school, had orchestra photo session... not bad at all... they included parents as well. :) as we were driving home, kaiser called.. his bike went dead.. hummphh... so.. i rushed home... get the maid in... lisa stayed home with the maid while i sent joey to his friend's house to finish his assignment... drove to the mechanic and went to check on kaiser at dbkl... ended up spend almost 2 hours at the bike workshop. heheh :D it was quite tiring driving up and down but i enjoyed myself at the workshop... :) 

got home, get ready...pick up joey on the way... pick up the cake :) and delicious here we come. it was a small occasion.. but we enjoyed it. like the food.. and ambiance was okay. cake was out for dessert. :) and.. it was fun lah... thank you all who made it to the early dinner ;) by 745pm we went home. we stopped by at my mom's to have a peek...zhareefah... hehehe :D

hmmm... all of us have a great time :) alhamdulillah. 

that's me and lisa :*
atok helping joey with his food ;)
nice cake huh?? ;)
we are FAMILY!
thanks to my parents... always there for us :x             


irasilver said...

that was sweet!!! Stay young! :P Happy birthday gals!

Ein said...

hehe :D thanks ira