Thursday, July 1, 2010

stop and think

someone who is more creative in writing might write... 'stop and ponder' hehehe :D but, i choose an easier word to use. why? it's my blog, my way...wuhuuuu.... *sorry off track* :P

  • beauty on the outside is just temporary, most important is who you are from the inside. it'll automatically glow through your face.
  • words of speech that blurts out from your mouth portrays your personality. no matter how pretty you think you are, those are not important anymore if you don't think of other people's feelings while talking.
  • pakai lah tudung panjang mana pun, sembahyang la cukup pun, but that does not give you the right to judge other people on earth - but i also believe that we are normal human being, tak lari from making mistakes, but if repetitively, apa hal... doesn't that shows that it is your character by doing so?
  • love the senior citizens, no matter who they are coz one day you will be one :)
  • treat your guests with respect by preparing dish that your guests would appreciate not what you are used to.
  • be forgiving, as you lose nothing but gain more in respect and patients.