plans... and more planss....

been browsing for things to get for my darling daughter. her birthday is coming soon... she's 13 and if she is like me, what she wants would be costly but meaningful. hmmmm... *grinning*   perhaps something that is practical for her to use. but actually i wanted to get her something more fun... argghhh...  mahal siot....

kaiser and i have been looking for a room or apartment for us to stay in stanberg. and hey... it is so damn difficult.. anyone out there who wants to rent our their place for a short term?? send me an email :) and we are serious... :) :) perhaps... a few days in stanberg... and a few more days near parents-in-law... errmm... wow... it  has been a while that i used those words before... 

lunch break jap.... hehehe :D 12.36pm :P

sambung balik.... just got back from lunch.. hehehe :D well, about half hour ago lah... bukan apa, kawan2 celebrate birthday pulak... dapat la surprise brownies with ice cream...yummy.. there goes my diet today.. anyway, this morning spoilt by nasi lemak, lunch with grilled salmon and broccoli + dessert ice cream on top of brownies. aahhh i am so stressed..... :P okay let's cerita lunch... i was out with wids to mv to change some money... then we planned to go to chillies for lunch. but somehow, our 3 other friends were at a different chillies. so, wids took her car, drove off to bsc where 3 gentlemen were waiting patiently. :) none other than 2 engineers and 1 biggest supplier... it was a huge lunch for me, when i had salmon.... when everyone was done with lunch suddenly we heard the waiters and waitresses singing the birthday song... hehehe :D tu laa... normally i would surprise people... now i got a surprise. :) thanks sam.... :) :)

so now... next plan is for my princess' birthday celebration... will update after the celebration, okay ;) errmmm just realized, even just us, the family.... it is gonna be 15 of us... minus 2 babies... errkkk.... and the theme is 'sweet & proper'  psssttt...psstt... just to avoid some guests to come in pyjamas!!!


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