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one of those days...

by - July 09, 2010

ein is in her sensitive mode. could be one of those days.... not liking what ein is feeling. yucky... and teary, if you know what i mean. and that thought comes by again, when you just wanna be somewhere. i wanna be with my mommy and daddy right now if you ask me. why? coz i wanna be close to them. i had my mommy and me talk this morning, on the way sending her to pcmc for her check up. i can feel the sadness in her conversation. if only i can do more to ease her sadness. as crazy as i can be, starting to look through the internet again for air fares... am i running away? i dont call that running away, taking a break is better ;) 

joelis' dad has not been paying kids' alimony. for a few months now. i am getting fed up asking. this has started again after he started to be in herbalife. yeup... he can deny it if he wants, but i know it is not easy to maintain the volume point in herbalife. how do i know? because kaiser was in herbalife. you need to buy thousands of RM to maintain... and there goes joelis' alimony. well i guess by him getting skinnier, kids dont have to eat too? bloody hell!! am i upset? you tell me... you can do whatever you want and be in whatever mlm company you want, but just dont forget your responsibility as a dad!! buggerr.... yeup... ein is talking now!! if this is what herbalife is doing to its members, it is so NOT GOOD isnt? you are suppose to help people in life, not by cutting his throat!

aahhhh.... this is so not a good time to write my blog. but this is how i feel. ein is a normal human being too and i feel sad at times. 

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