my self satisfaction @ wirazone carnival

the event was on 10th july 2010. until today i dont really know how to express what i feel. some sort of satisfied - although to be honest, my level of satisfaction that i set myself was too high to achieve. but after listening to some comments from guests and those who attended the event, i felt satisfied enough. after more than 10 years working with the company, it really made me feel good. *sigh* :) i need someone to tell me something to make me feel much better. not that i am ungrateful but i felt like i could have done better. 

nevertheless, i had a great team to thank for all their hard work. bravo girls and guys.... you guys did a great job. and it was really fun and enjoyed working with lucid and his crew. not a single frown that i see from any one of them. everyone of the crew (wirazone and lucid) were ... how to say.... sedap mata memandang and helpful.  
albino snake anyone?
my parents support all the time :*
joey and his friends with aswara percussion group.

goshhh.... so many things to write and too many people to thank to.... i hope everyone had a great time... thank you all so so much!! :) 


Jabb said…
how was the carnival sales? many people bought? I actually thought of getting my staff to put up a booth but had other commitments pulak..
Ein said…
Jabb, certain booth sales ok... some are not, depending on what they sell lah. Our next event, kalau ada, we'll count you in. :)

btw, thanks for reading my blog :)

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