me and my weekend

hehehe :D i tried to ride the scooter yesterday. joelis were in school attending orchestra... hmmm anak2 aku ni makin busy dgn orchestranya sampai sunyi pulak mak nya nie... anyway, my sunday was still full :) brought my mommy out for breakfast in bangsar. nak suruh dia makan wantan mee, pastu dia pi order mee curry... hehehe :D sabor jer lah... baru ingat nak bagi healthier food :P then we went to scout around for houses for sale. sajer jer... :)

lunch time went to settle joelis' music class. then i had time for myself... err... not really, went back to the house for the maid. kaiser was already home.. then kaiser asked if i want to trying 'driving' the scooter.. i went... 'erkkk' .... but i did try... and yay!!! berjaya... :) after that, kaiser and i went round with the new bike... loving it... like the sound of it vroooming... hmmmm... after about an hour.. i drove down to school to fetch joelis. cut joey's hair... then played with zhareefah!! :) slept with her by my side... best... she can senyum2 already... so cheeky :p

owhh... here's a pic of her masa aqeqah the other day. 


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