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how can i tell her

by - July 06, 2010

ma... should i tell her that i like her? how?
why do you want to tell her... you must ask yourself first.
because she asked my friend
well, then you ask her back, why do you want to know whom i like...
hmmm yeah.. i thought of that too
you just need to be prepared if she doesnt feel the same way like you do
you mean, i need to take the risk?
yes *smile* prepare so that you wont get hurt.. and make sure you dont cry :P
the other day, i just told my friend, i like my mom..
hehehe :D thats sweet
yeah la... my friend laughed and i said, my mom is cool...
aaahh... hows the girl that you like?
she's cool like you...
aaahhh.... :) :)

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