Saturday, July 17, 2010

get well soon sayang

mama, kepala joey sakit
lepas ni terus makan ubat kay sayang
pastu terus naik atas tido... nanti mama letakkan ubat mata nya

my lil darling is not well... started with slight flu and red eyes last thursday. then with high temperature.. the cute thing is, he is still as cheerful as usual, just that his eyes are red and his lips too. i had a meeting with my photographer last thursday and hurried home after that. well anyway... i took the day off on friday.. why? hemmm coz, i thot i need to send my mom to shah alam.... but in the end, suddenly my dad is driving... so, since it was almost half day, i decided to take the day off. and right now as i am typing, joey has started to sweat. check on him every now and then. this morning went to the clinic again and changed his medicine, for fever and antibiotics. dr siti gave him till tomorrow. if he is still not recovering well, looks like gotta take him to his paediatrician. pray he will get better soon... mama loves you... :* no matter what people say... he's still my baby :)

break: kaiser just farted ...iyugghhh burok perangai tol!!!