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cyberworld friends

by - July 23, 2010

i was having lunch with a group of friends just now when suddenly this came to my thought. i have known my friend, AS for a few years now. and we knew each first from the internet. and i dont remember exactly the date but it was sometime in 2005, i think... and it went quite well until today. i guess if you are lucky, there could be nice people that you can be friends with over the internet. 

the other day, i was watching 'the day i met your mother' where this girl was too embarrassed to tell people that she met ted from the internet. honestly, i see nothing wrong with that... and at that moment i remembered my other cyberworld fren, MB who was too shy to admit that we met on the internet. and whenever we went for a drink with his friends, he would remind me to say 'a friend of a friend introduced us'.. at first i was okay with that.. but after a while... hmmm what the he^%??? and with this kind of 'friend' it is better to cut loose i guess.... if he is embarrassed on how we met, he could be embarrassed with me being his friend. so.. better not keep the friendship lah ;)

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