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another year wiser

by - July 20, 2010

yeup... i turn 38 today. gracefully i would say. 

"Thank you for a reminder on this special day… I had my emo moments just a few days ago and it dragged till today. Slowly I am finding ways to get rid of it… it will not go away but thinking of others who could be less fortunate than me makes me feel a bit better or a least the thought is diverted"

i will post the email that i received this morning next time. today i wanna talk about my big day + my snupi emo day as well.. heheheh :D i slept early last night ie 11.30pm as my eyes could not stay opened anymore. :P i realized kaiser went into our bedroom just after midnight and wished me. :) in his own special way of course... hmmmphh... i was too sleepy to really respond to it except nodding my heavy head :) 

at 630am, lisa came into my room to kiss me before she goes to school. and wished me happy birthday. i didnt realize that she placed a beautiful hand written card beside my bed :) it was really sweet, the content that made my tears came down while reading it. i only read it when kaiser came back from sending lisa to school. joey crawled into my bed at 7am before that to give me a cute medal that he did with lisa :) only Allah swt knows how thankful and grateful i am with 2 wonderful and beautiful children. they have been so sweet since they were born until now... lisa is being a teenager and joey a handsome young man :) i guess every parents have their own moments with their children. i hope i can upload the card and medal soon.. gotta ask them if they are ok :) 

she made me feel appreciated as a mom. and i am glad that she realize what i did or said to her just because i love her. and yeahh.... zaman telah berubah... i remembered in the course that i attended. it taught me something that i have been practicing in bringing up my kids. something about kalau nak mendidik anak2 ikut lah peredaran zaman... dah tak sesuai kalau ala-ala ikut zaman ibu bapa pikul air pakai kayu... dok ambik air kat perigi... etc etc... but i guess so far, i am doing well :) although i do need opinions from my parents once a while.

ehhh looks like i am off track.... and i thought it is about my birthday celebration? uhhmmm... lisa requested that we celebrate together and that is what we are gonna do :) insyaAllah on the weekend kut... see la how..

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