Friday, July 30, 2010

istana bambu - my personal review

the name of the place has been playing in our head. mine and my sister's. somehow, one fine day, my family had late lunch there. before you read more, please excuse my english and arranging of words because honestly right now, i am getting very sleepy. but anyway, here goes...
  • date of visit: 18th july 2010
  • location: near MRR2.
  • place: quite strategic, lots of parking space, although i personally think somehow someday if it gets too busy, the nearby neighbors might complaint. 
  • decor: it was okay. unique. maybe at night it will look more impressive. 
  • cleanliness: need to work on this. when we were there for late lunch, the floor was quite dirty with left overs here and there.. tissue paper.. etc..
  • service: slow although there were many workers around.
  • price: too pricey for a malay restaurant. i guess customers pay for the decor to eat there. i think if they don't put a high price, they will get more people coming.
  • food: the taste is normal, nothing special. we ordered pineaple fried rice RM12.00, seafood fried rice RM16.00, fried kuey tiow RM11.00 and 2 pieces ayam goreng kampung RM6.90. (these are the ones that we feel quite acceptable price). 

will i recommend people to go there? errmmm... if you wanna try, why not. but will i return? not, if i had to. there are other places with the same kind of food, better taste and reasonable price. i am glad we did not celebrate our birthday there, or kaiser will be cursing the whole time...

here are some pictures... i will add more pics at home (kalau ada mood... hehehe :D )..  ambik gambar macam nak rak... 

suggestion: price should go down, service should be faster, waitress and waiters should be more friendly and SMILE while attending to customers. i have read many reviews about istana bambu and all of them agree that the price is too high. so, the management should do something about it. you may have spent a lot on the decor but the kind of food served there, with the price... tak sesuai.  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

just me

i don't mean to offend anyone with my posting today but this is just how i feel today.. or maybe for the pass few days... and i just sent this sms to SJ..
Hi there... i am just feeling anti-social, fat, ugly and lazy... so i guess i will just pack my stuff and go home...
 ein needs something to boost her up again!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

need a meal plan

yes!!! i am in the middle of my most laziest time in my whole life!! i am feeling so comfortable with what i have and what is going on around me. i am at the same time feeling quite frustrated with me. for being SuPEr DuPEr LazY!!!!
once a week meal in the morning
dinner... erkkk... ;P
every day breakfast... and try not to take with the gravy :P
and what i cannot miss is my regular teh tarik... why laa... why larrrr.... :( huwaaaaa and because i am this LAzY and bored... explains this posting today :) where is the istana bambu review? wait laaa.... mood belum mari.... pics pun belum upload lagi... hehehe :D 

Monday, July 26, 2010

stay tuned!

will be back with more updates.... experience and stories to tell ;) come back soon.... easier way.... subscribe to my blog and you'll get email every time i update my blog.. :)

our experience back to nature up to kemensah...
our visit to istana bambu :)

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    welcome teenage life!

    lisa turned 13 today. not gonna say time flies... hear it too often. but yeah... its bound to happen and just a matter of time. so far, her growing up part has been pretty smooth. :) hehehe :D kaiser always teases me that i am getting nervous. but the truth is... not at all.. i take it one step at a time. every one grows older and the best way to do it is just tackle it when it comes. and with kaiser around, i am thankful... that i do not go through it alone :) lisa has a father and mother to refer to when it comes to whatever... and the kind of family that i imagined, i have it now... although not 100% purrfect...  we will be there, insyaAllah.

    we had a double celebration at delicious jalan tun razak. lisa suggested delicious. so..delicious it is. i was quite rushing the whole day actually ... was out in the morning... sent joelis to school, had orchestra photo session... not bad at all... they included parents as well. :) as we were driving home, kaiser called.. his bike went dead.. hummphh... so.. i rushed home... get the maid in... lisa stayed home with the maid while i sent joey to his friend's house to finish his assignment... drove to the mechanic and went to check on kaiser at dbkl... ended up spend almost 2 hours at the bike workshop. heheh :D it was quite tiring driving up and down but i enjoyed myself at the workshop... :) 

    got home, get ready...pick up joey on the way... pick up the cake :) and delicious here we come. it was a small occasion.. but we enjoyed it. like the food.. and ambiance was okay. cake was out for dessert. :) and.. it was fun lah... thank you all who made it to the early dinner ;) by 745pm we went home. we stopped by at my mom's to have a peek...zhareefah... hehehe :D

    hmmm... all of us have a great time :) alhamdulillah. 

    that's me and lisa :*
    atok helping joey with his food ;)
    nice cake huh?? ;)
    we are FAMILY!
    thanks to my parents... always there for us :x             

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    joelis have been busy!!

    did you know that music stimulates your brain? and it will make it easier to think - and it is easier to use your brain for kids, especially? hmmm .. i started my kids with music class in the year 2004.. and my thinking at that time was, i want my kids to be able to express their feelings because they were down with the condition of our family at that time. it helps somehow or rather... and slowly it brings out my joelis' talent in music... well, mana tak tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi... kann ;) my parents are into music... my mom used to sing with her band... that explains my interest... and my dad is a good traditional dancer... mug dude and i inherited that :) and now my joelis... so here goes...

    sks music day at aswara - june 13, 2010

    duta kecil kuala lumpur - dbkl june 1, 2010
    pesta nasi lemak 1 malaysia - putrajaya june 5, 2010

    live on rtm - july 17, 2010

    and thank you to their teacher, cikgu rahimi for the guidance.. and also cikgu purnama :)

    cyberworld friends

    i was having lunch with a group of friends just now when suddenly this came to my thought. i have known my friend, AS for a few years now. and we knew each first from the internet. and i dont remember exactly the date but it was sometime in 2005, i think... and it went quite well until today. i guess if you are lucky, there could be nice people that you can be friends with over the internet. 

    the other day, i was watching 'the day i met your mother' where this girl was too embarrassed to tell people that she met ted from the internet. honestly, i see nothing wrong with that... and at that moment i remembered my other cyberworld fren, MB who was too shy to admit that we met on the internet. and whenever we went for a drink with his friends, he would remind me to say 'a friend of a friend introduced us'.. at first i was okay with that.. but after a while... hmmm what the he^%??? and with this kind of 'friend' it is better to cut loose i guess.... if he is embarrassed on how we met, he could be embarrassed with me being his friend. so.. better not keep the friendship lah ;)

    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    plans... and more planss....

    been browsing for things to get for my darling daughter. her birthday is coming soon... she's 13 and if she is like me, what she wants would be costly but meaningful. hmmmm... *grinning*   perhaps something that is practical for her to use. but actually i wanted to get her something more fun... argghhh...  mahal siot....

    kaiser and i have been looking for a room or apartment for us to stay in stanberg. and hey... it is so damn difficult.. anyone out there who wants to rent our their place for a short term?? send me an email :) and we are serious... :) :) perhaps... a few days in stanberg... and a few more days near parents-in-law... errmm... wow... it  has been a while that i used those words before... 

    lunch break jap.... hehehe :D 12.36pm :P

    sambung balik.... just got back from lunch.. hehehe :D well, about half hour ago lah... bukan apa, kawan2 celebrate birthday pulak... dapat la surprise brownies with ice cream...yummy.. there goes my diet today.. anyway, this morning spoilt by nasi lemak, lunch with grilled salmon and broccoli + dessert ice cream on top of brownies. aahhh i am so stressed..... :P okay let's cerita lunch... i was out with wids to mv to change some money... then we planned to go to chillies for lunch. but somehow, our 3 other friends were at a different chillies. so, wids took her car, drove off to bsc where 3 gentlemen were waiting patiently. :) none other than 2 engineers and 1 biggest supplier... it was a huge lunch for me, when i had salmon.... when everyone was done with lunch suddenly we heard the waiters and waitresses singing the birthday song... hehehe :D tu laa... normally i would surprise people... now i got a surprise. :) thanks sam.... :) :)

    so now... next plan is for my princess' birthday celebration... will update after the celebration, okay ;) errmmm just realized, even just us, the family.... it is gonna be 15 of us... minus 2 babies... errkkk.... and the theme is 'sweet & proper'  psssttt...psstt... just to avoid some guests to come in pyjamas!!!

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    silence is better

    i am at the office right now browsing thru the internet for a place to stay somewhere sometime at the end of the year. i am getting a bit grouchy since few days back. dont know or actually dont really care about what is going on around. i just wanna be alone. was supposed to play netball but somehow, lost the mood just before 530pm just now. SJ called me up to ask if i wanna go for a meeting tonight, but i guess i am just not in the mood to be where there are many people. i just wanna be alone... or... home.. i better go home...

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    another year wiser

    yeup... i turn 38 today. gracefully i would say. 

    "Thank you for a reminder on this special day… I had my emo moments just a few days ago and it dragged till today. Slowly I am finding ways to get rid of it… it will not go away but thinking of others who could be less fortunate than me makes me feel a bit better or a least the thought is diverted"

    i will post the email that i received this morning next time. today i wanna talk about my big day + my snupi emo day as well.. heheheh :D i slept early last night ie 11.30pm as my eyes could not stay opened anymore. :P i realized kaiser went into our bedroom just after midnight and wished me. :) in his own special way of course... hmmmphh... i was too sleepy to really respond to it except nodding my heavy head :) 

    at 630am, lisa came into my room to kiss me before she goes to school. and wished me happy birthday. i didnt realize that she placed a beautiful hand written card beside my bed :) it was really sweet, the content that made my tears came down while reading it. i only read it when kaiser came back from sending lisa to school. joey crawled into my bed at 7am before that to give me a cute medal that he did with lisa :) only Allah swt knows how thankful and grateful i am with 2 wonderful and beautiful children. they have been so sweet since they were born until now... lisa is being a teenager and joey a handsome young man :) i guess every parents have their own moments with their children. i hope i can upload the card and medal soon.. gotta ask them if they are ok :) 

    she made me feel appreciated as a mom. and i am glad that she realize what i did or said to her just because i love her. and yeahh.... zaman telah berubah... i remembered in the course that i attended. it taught me something that i have been practicing in bringing up my kids. something about kalau nak mendidik anak2 ikut lah peredaran zaman... dah tak sesuai kalau ala-ala ikut zaman ibu bapa pikul air pakai kayu... dok ambik air kat perigi... etc etc... but i guess so far, i am doing well :) although i do need opinions from my parents once a while.

    ehhh looks like i am off track.... and i thought it is about my birthday celebration? uhhmmm... lisa requested that we celebrate together and that is what we are gonna do :) insyaAllah on the weekend kut... see la how..

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    amazing but thats the truth

    i dont remember the last time i write something sad or negative in my blog. well i do whine too at times. although i try so damn hard not to write it here, but hey... this is my blog and i do need to de-stress.. is there such word? :O it is so easy for people to apologize for their stupid actions. ni yang start nak ngata orang melayu... sibuk dok kejar kekayaan dunia sampai lupa tanggungjawab sebagai parents. bongek!! dok melabur juta2 kunun... sampai anak2 sendiri being put aside? apa cerita? i have tried to be patient for quite sometime, but if you can brag out there, pretend to be successful but the truth is your kids who lacks of everything, apa hal??? bikin panas lahh... nak mengajar dunia or kekayaan go ahead la, but responsibility tu kena la jalankan dulu... ingat.... anak2 adalah amanat Allah swt...  

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    get well soon sayang

    mama, kepala joey sakit
    lepas ni terus makan ubat kay sayang
    pastu terus naik atas tido... nanti mama letakkan ubat mata nya

    my lil darling is not well... started with slight flu and red eyes last thursday. then with high temperature.. the cute thing is, he is still as cheerful as usual, just that his eyes are red and his lips too. i had a meeting with my photographer last thursday and hurried home after that. well anyway... i took the day off on friday.. why? hemmm coz, i thot i need to send my mom to shah alam.... but in the end, suddenly my dad is driving... so, since it was almost half day, i decided to take the day off. and right now as i am typing, joey has started to sweat. check on him every now and then. this morning went to the clinic again and changed his medicine, for fever and antibiotics. dr siti gave him till tomorrow. if he is still not recovering well, looks like gotta take him to his paediatrician. pray he will get better soon... mama loves you... :* no matter what people say... he's still my baby :)

    break: kaiser just farted ...iyugghhh burok perangai tol!!!

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    my self satisfaction @ wirazone carnival

    the event was on 10th july 2010. until today i dont really know how to express what i feel. some sort of satisfied - although to be honest, my level of satisfaction that i set myself was too high to achieve. but after listening to some comments from guests and those who attended the event, i felt satisfied enough. after more than 10 years working with the company, it really made me feel good. *sigh* :) i need someone to tell me something to make me feel much better. not that i am ungrateful but i felt like i could have done better. 

    nevertheless, i had a great team to thank for all their hard work. bravo girls and guys.... you guys did a great job. and it was really fun and enjoyed working with lucid and his crew. not a single frown that i see from any one of them. everyone of the crew (wirazone and lucid) were ... how to say.... sedap mata memandang and helpful.  
    albino snake anyone?
    my parents support all the time :*
    joey and his friends with aswara percussion group.

    goshhh.... so many things to write and too many people to thank to.... i hope everyone had a great time... thank you all so so much!! :) 

    where did he come from?

    omg, ma, i think you have a stalker...
    hahha :D cool huh... :)

    it started few months back when we just moved to the area. i was driving out to send joey for his soccer practise, when we saw 1 gentleman jogging... or let's say walking. i was reversing my car when i sort of almost not see him passing by my gate. luckily he stopped and gave way. so, in embarrassment, i smiled at him, thankful and thinking... hmmm nice people in our neighborhood here. few mat sallehs around which makes kaiser comfortable :) so that was it.... and after that.... we would see him walking in front of our house or at least the same way as we drove out of our housing area. 

    after a while, we kinda get sort of errr... not that comfortable when he started to smile too much.. :P the last we saw him was two weeks ago. i was doing groceries shopping at the supermarket nearby when i noticed him... he looked different that night as he was wearing smart office shirt and slacks, not his usual walking shorts and tshirt. the funny thing was, he came back in and bought a few stuff and queued behind our lane to pay. hmmmm.... we took a peep at his car as we drove off... he was driving a volvo with red plate number... some diplomat from somewhere i supposed. 

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    she is the reason

    it is all totally her fault. i blame it solely on her that i spent more than i should have... although i like it too. but... yeahh... i am blaming it on her!!! do i have regrets? nope.... not at all...

    one of those days...

    ein is in her sensitive mode. could be one of those days.... not liking what ein is feeling. yucky... and teary, if you know what i mean. and that thought comes by again, when you just wanna be somewhere. i wanna be with my mommy and daddy right now if you ask me. why? coz i wanna be close to them. i had my mommy and me talk this morning, on the way sending her to pcmc for her check up. i can feel the sadness in her conversation. if only i can do more to ease her sadness. as crazy as i can be, starting to look through the internet again for air fares... am i running away? i dont call that running away, taking a break is better ;) 

    joelis' dad has not been paying kids' alimony. for a few months now. i am getting fed up asking. this has started again after he started to be in herbalife. yeup... he can deny it if he wants, but i know it is not easy to maintain the volume point in herbalife. how do i know? because kaiser was in herbalife. you need to buy thousands of RM to maintain... and there goes joelis' alimony. well i guess by him getting skinnier, kids dont have to eat too? bloody hell!! am i upset? you tell me... you can do whatever you want and be in whatever mlm company you want, but just dont forget your responsibility as a dad!! buggerr.... yeup... ein is talking now!! if this is what herbalife is doing to its members, it is so NOT GOOD isnt? you are suppose to help people in life, not by cutting his throat!

    aahhhh.... this is so not a good time to write my blog. but this is how i feel. ein is a normal human being too and i feel sad at times. 

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    how can i tell her

    ma... should i tell her that i like her? how?
    why do you want to tell her... you must ask yourself first.
    because she asked my friend
    well, then you ask her back, why do you want to know whom i like...
    hmmm yeah.. i thought of that too
    you just need to be prepared if she doesnt feel the same way like you do
    you mean, i need to take the risk?
    yes *smile* prepare so that you wont get hurt.. and make sure you dont cry :P
    the other day, i just told my friend, i like my mom..
    hehehe :D thats sweet
    yeah la... my friend laughed and i said, my mom is cool...
    aaahh... hows the girl that you like?
    she's cool like you...
    aaahhh.... :) :)

    thank you dato'

    i have been wanting to write about my experience attending his talk, but other things just came across :) however it doesnt mean that i have forgotten him. ever since i attended his talk, certain things changed for the better :) and alhamdulillah... i shared some of the things that i learned with kaiser and joelis. changes that ive made..

    • forgive everyone before i sleep.
    • make sure that we hug each other before any of us goes out to work.... 30% tuhhh... :P
    • i come home with a smile greeting joelis and kaiser, leaving all the tiredness in the office.
    • bismillah and remember to come in the house with right leg, and give salaam.
    err... i feel like going home now... cont later... 

    Monday, July 5, 2010

    me and my weekend

    hehehe :D i tried to ride the scooter yesterday. joelis were in school attending orchestra... hmmm anak2 aku ni makin busy dgn orchestranya sampai sunyi pulak mak nya nie... anyway, my sunday was still full :) brought my mommy out for breakfast in bangsar. nak suruh dia makan wantan mee, pastu dia pi order mee curry... hehehe :D sabor jer lah... baru ingat nak bagi healthier food :P then we went to scout around for houses for sale. sajer jer... :)

    lunch time went to settle joelis' music class. then i had time for myself... err... not really, went back to the house for the maid. kaiser was already home.. then kaiser asked if i want to trying 'driving' the scooter.. i went... 'erkkk' .... but i did try... and yay!!! berjaya... :) after that, kaiser and i went round with the new bike... loving it... like the sound of it vroooming... hmmmm... after about an hour.. i drove down to school to fetch joelis. cut joey's hair... then played with zhareefah!! :) slept with her by my side... best... she can senyum2 already... so cheeky :p

    owhh... here's a pic of her masa aqeqah the other day. 

    Sunday, July 4, 2010

    jom bola

    as planned, that night we had an early dinner. i bought nasi goreng ayam and sate for dinner. and four of us seated at the couch in front of the tv. the first goal was really unexpected. for me, who never watch the matches before this, i was stunned... could not let my eyes off the tv... i would say that germany players played well. i was told that the game before they were rough. but obviously not last saturday night. imo, argentina played rough, asyik tackle kaki orang jer... tak yah la asyik nak jatuhkan orang jer... play properly lah... duhhh... lisa came down with blue stripes on her face... kuat semangat argentina dia.. but akhirnya kecundang... hehehe :D