Tuesday, June 15, 2010

taking a break

something that is going to be done unplanned. well, actually it has been in my head. i have always wanted to bring joelis out of kl when the time is right. and actually, i was pretty upset last week that i decided to take joelis away with me for a short break. and this trip is the story :P seriously broken english i am using here. sorry people. the head is as broken as the language. want to write everything - and so in a hurry coz i still have loads of things to settle before i go on a holiday. when the time comes, and Allah permits, everything will materialize so easily. have been postponing on renewing joelis' passport. alhamdulillah, it was settled within 3 hours or maybe less. bravo jabatan imigeresen!!! i went to the one in wangsa maju. :) and a week later i booked tickets for us :) 

looking forward for this trip. and will update pictures when we come back. and will be bringing my new toy with me!! of course!!! :) that's where we'll be :)